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Von Sway
Von Sway
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fun, energetic, music for all ages, ballads, up tempo, with a little rock
Everybody Else with T-Pain, and Ko-Lition
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Well, I'm a artist. singer, and songwriter from Brooklyn, NY. I'm currently working on my first album "ARE YOU READY". On it will be something for all music lovers. It has a R&B/POP feel. I've been doing shows around the tri-state areas. The ride, so far has been fun, but a learning experience, and I wouldn't change a thing. I love making music, and love to share it, so I'm definitely ready to put it out there. My question to you is "ARE YOU READY'?
Band/artist history
Von Sway R&B / Soul Von Sway, was born in Brooklyn, NY. The middle of 3 children. Von Sway grew up in Brooklyn, NY surrounded with music. At the age of six, he began the cultivation of his talents as a musician/performing artist. As a devoted performer, Von Sway spent his formative years learning and playing his instruments in his schools band, going to his mother's church and with various local musicians. He grew up in an era of the early 90s sound and the sounds of the late 80s. With local musicians such as Full Force, Big Daddy Kane, UTFO, and Whodini just to name a few He was bound to be a well rounded performing artist. From piano and guitar lessons as a child, to singing about lifes ordeal as a young man, Von Sway's growth and development has had a flavorful recipe: R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical and powerful soul music mixed with Rock, Von Sway has seemed to embraced them all. Destined to take the industry by storm, Von Sway's aspirations are to stir up feelings, capture the imagination, and fuel thoughts with his messages of hope and love. On stage Von Sway transforms yet to a level beyond his youthful age and delivers a performance that is hot, sexy, and energetic. Strong in every sense of the word, his singing raptures music lovers completely, with tones and melodies that fluctuate or linger with every whim of his will. Drained and exhausted, he gives his all to please his crowd. Reaching deep into his soul, he opens up only to touch the souls of those listening to his music. Signed to Brothers & Sisters Entertainment, Von Sway is diligently working hard in the studio with C. Roc and Khaliq Bey of B.S.E., Von Sway's debut album is near completion. Von Sway has performed along side platinum recording artists Wyclef Jean, Bilal, the legendary hip hop artist Doctor Ice of the acclaimed group UTFO, in functions throughout New York City and New Jersey. He has also performed with K.O. Lition, MelSoulTree, Nikki Kimbrough, Cartier, and Melissa Morgan to mention a few. With production from B.S.E's lead producers C. Roc and Khaliq, whom themselves have produced the likes of Pattie Labelle, Tyrese, Ruff Endz, Trick Daddy, Trina and other notables, Von Sway's distinct sound is assured to have the ingredients that only seasoned producers such as C. Roc and Khaliq can deliver.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play drums and keys. I play during my performances, and I love it! Everytime I hit the stage is a special moment.
Your musical influences
I love it all! Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Jimmy Hendricks, The O'Jays. There are so many more.
What equipment do you use?
That's a question for my producer C Roc. I use a mic and stage!
Anything else?
Get ready for "ARE YOU READY" it's coming to a computer near you!!! On the serious side, "PLEASE DO SUPPORT INDEPENDENT ARTISTS AND THEIR MUSIC".
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