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Axis Gold N Rose Project
Axis Gold N Rose Project
Solo Artist, Greg Demeter, AKA, "STELLAR CHILD", of The Axis Gold N Rose Project, brings to the World, a new listening flavor, never before heard on this planet! Deep, insightful, and spiritually influenced, lyrics, with his own style of what he calls, " WHITE SOUL MUSIC", inspired by his years of musical history, and diverse vocabulary, covering many musical elements, from, Pop, Psychedelic Pop, Heavy Blues, Jazz Rock Fusion, Reggae, Funk/Dance Rock, Latin, Soul, World, Hip Hop, Rap, and Adult Conteporary styles... and No,... this is not a diluted Artist, but one who knows what the PEOPLE LOVE, and can relate to. This Artist, "PAID HIS DUES"..., going back to the 70's, where he began playing Guitar for cover bands, and Top 40 Dance bands, and he even has 8mm video/VHS/DVD (rare footage), of his musical endeavors from then, to now. He has wrote several personal books on his musical journey, and has written over 500 original songs/lyrics. What you are about to hear are just a few tracks from his Promo/Demo Singles, that is just a small taste of what is yet to come! KEEP A LOOK OUT FOR THIS GROWING ARTIST, HE IS OUT TO INSPIRE THE WORLD,... AND BEYOND! Hence, the name, "STELLAR CHILD"! Thank you for lending me your hearts, and ears,... from an ol Soul, with a Modern Twist, this is music FOR THE WORLD! Peace, Love, Happiness, to All!
Band/artist history
You can go to, myspace.com/axisgoldenroseproject to check out some of the band history.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Right now, I am working in the Studio, to produce music to tour with. My experience playing live concerts taught me to be comfortable in any musical situation.
Your musical influences
I have had the pleasure of being on this great planet, at a time when some of the greatest Music Artists of our time have blessed us; and I waste no time telling you that I was and still am, a great fan of, Cameo, Parlament, Funkadelics, of course, Jimi Hendrix, as well as some of the greatest living Guitarists of today, such as: Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Robin Trower, B.B. King, and the like,... Steve Morse, Eric Clapton (w/Cream), Jeff Beck, Gary Moore, Phil Keaggey, Eddie Van Halen, sheeit... I give em all props!
What equipment do you use?
Guitar of Choice, 2007, Fender Delux Stratocaster, Fender Cyber Twin, Vox Tone Lab, V-Verb Pro, Firestudio (in the soon to be produced on, Studio project), Laguna Acoustic, Audio Technica Mics...etc...etc...
Anything else?
My vast, and sometimes, crazy imagination!