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The Daisies (USA)
The Daisies (USA)
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The craziest, most fun, sadistic people you'll listen to. Listen to the songs we have on here in order since the newer ones are first (the demos) and are what y
***WE ARE BACK FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE, CHECK OUT THE NEW DEMOS!!!*** - what started as a joke would later become one of the most well known bands in its local area. - yes, that is correct. i am talking about none other than "the daisies", the best band to ever come from the small town of proctorville, oh and the local region. other local groups look like ants when compared to the legendary legacy that is this kickin' band. not to mention the fact that the hip-hop elements brought about from mr.richard place wannabe emcees in their place. the crazy vocals brought from p.h.d. make anyone wanna jump and dance when comapred to the preppy ass emo bands of yesterday. and a little bit of bucket never hurt did it? maybe. - the daisies are new, hip, and they know how to rock. they constantly change their sounds to keep things fresh for the fans who loyally listen to and enjoy the music. combining the genres of death metal, acoustic, and hip hop may not be new to the music world, but these kids do it right. they create a total sound that is all around unique that will jump from the speakers and smack you in the face. it's a wake up call, a steaming bucket of water on a sleeper's face that melts the flesh and reveals the ugly inside truth of the world.
Band/artist history
- so now you might be wondering, where in the hell did this band come from? one day in mr.richard's chemistry class, his teacher brought in a song for laughs called the "electron dot polka" which explained the setup of electron dot configurations. the song sucked. mr.richard told p.h.d., and they got a crazy idea. they had recently been listening to cannibal corpse, the most sadistic band in existence, and wondered what the polka would sound like done in cannibal's style. mr.richard asked his teacher for a copy of the lyrics, and he was surprised he actually did have a copy. that night, mr.richard and p.h.d took a trash can and a mic hooked up to the computer and created a distorted version of the polka. - mr.richard burned the song to a cd and took it to school with him. the teacher let him play the song for his class to listen to. the faces were priceless. they all had found a new love - laughing at the music of this band called "the daisies". after word got around of the recording, the duo recorded six more songs with original lyrics to pass around for fun. the people loved the simple stupidity and sound of the songs that they could lay back and laugh to. - the daisies are a band all about having fun, but knowing when to settle down and be serious. that is what makes them a great band. so far there have been 3 albums released, "the first seedlings" in 2006, followed by "the life and times of barack obama" in early jan. 2009, and "diluted vodka and sausage biscuits" in late jan 2009, which introduced bucket. the band took a long break due to lack of creative ideas, but returned in full force nearly three years later and are back to stay with the release of "no homo". at least until we all die. the latest album, "Olde English", is a compilation album of sorts as it contains several of the old classics, many not heard before, as well as demos from the upcoming album to let everyone know what direction we are heading in. it's the best of both worlds without hannah montana.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
- we had a chance to play live once at a bar's battle of the bands contest but internal conflict prevented it. though we have played live outside for passerbys...
Your musical influences
cannibal corpse, dimmu borgir, dr.dre, snoop dogg, nin, limp bizkit, seether
What equipment do you use?
whatever we have, started with a trash can now we are semi digital and hoping to go high quality if all the fans support us so we can provide HQ ish!
Anything else?
we appreciate you listening to some of our crazy shit, but always check back frequently for some of our newer serious stuff, the style in mind will blow your mind.
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