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Brok Homz
Brok Homz
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THE LONE WOLF is in yo neighbourhood forest. Stalking your village by moonlight, revealing secrets of the night.
Convince You
Brok_Homz is arguably one of the most hated on rappers of his time. Every artists has their haters but how many artists can say that they're hated on by a majority of people, who in fact, are part of a genre of music that was formed because it was hated on itself from the mainstream. Every time he drops a track, people drop their smiles...and get angry. Pretty messed up right? Lets have a listen.
Band/artist history
2000: Brok receives ICP's Riddlebox cd and is introduced to the DARK CARNIVAL. 2002: Brok_Homz starts a rap group with best friend Niemo the Ticketmaster entitled "McKilla Psychos"...the group makes about a hundred slapstick, goofy songs but no official releases..... the boys dream about their future rap careers. 2003: Brok_Homz and Niemo have a falling out, and quit "McKilla Psychos"...it was for the best. Niemo starts playing guitar while Brok_Homz starts a new solo project called "Puppets of God". Brok_Homz performs as local hiphop/rock/country artist AG's hypeman at the school's battle of the bands. 2004: Brok_Homz drops the "Puppets of God" act and just stays solo as Brok_Homz and releases a DEMO EP at school with the local hit "PutchaHandsUp" 2005: Starts thinking about first Album concept. "Wolvish Thoughts" fits perfect. 2006: Brok sees a girl that has the power to stop his heart and make it speed up at the same time. Brok writes song called "Please Sir Let Me Date Your Daughter" with Maverick Judson, but this song never really sounds good for him, and has a limited internet release. Brok starts working on "Wolvish Thoughts" project. Brok performs at highschool pep rally with song "Show Ya Teeth"... it immediatly becomes a hit and a common phrase. Brok meets local rapper "Mack Sickz" after the show and buys his cd... a couple days later Mack Sickz writes a diss song aimed at Brok and there is tension between the two...Brok does not reply. Brok_Homz co-headlines first show called "Rock The UK" with Without Judgement and releases his own merch line there. 2007: The girl he is interested in inspires such works as "Insane Passion", "Unapproachable", "Girl of my Dreams" and "The Moon". Brok headlines "Rock The UK 2". Brok gets to see his ultimate heroes ICP live in Fargo. Brok heads to Winnipeg for 6 months to do Recording school at Mid Ocean School of Media Arts. Brok_Homz releases "Wolvish Thoughts" in September with no promo. Gets a review in Winnipeg's Uptown Megazine, but other then that no real hype. 2008: Brok returns from Recording School with a certificate. Brok releases first issue of "Chicken Scratch" (a local Farmboy Records newsletter) featuring "THE HUNT" a Brok_Homz comic book series...only lasts one issue. Local artists Maverick Judson joins Farmboy Records. Brok works EP Project "AftaThoughts". Brok_Homz releases the EP at his CD Release party entitled "The AftaParty" in which he also premiered his music video for Less Human. 2009: Brok moves to London Ontario to pursue business school and music career with Mavvy J............
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I'll play live anytime anywhere, hit me up with an email.
Your musical influences
Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, DZK, Lo Key, Slipknot, Crazy Town, Demon Hunter, Phanatik, Miley Cyrus, Vanilla Ice, Avenged Sevenfold, Flaw, Ill Bill, Eminem, Proof, D12, T.O.N e-z, V Sinizter, Dark Lotus, Esham, Gravity, Grewsum
What equipment do you use?
MacBook Pro Edirol Monitors M Audio 410 Interface Shure KSM32 mic Marshall MCASP2 mic Logic Pro 8 Reason 4
Anything else?
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