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Comedy punk... political piss-taking at its finest... or not...
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Made in conjunction with Liam. 'Cause we just *love* Middlesbrough.
Hey, well... um... I'm a kind of one-man comedy punk band type thing... I'll try to get lots of stuff up here for you to laugh at and the like! ...oh yeah, I'm 15 and self-taught.
Band/artist history
I was born, I got a guitar... I started the "band" :P
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I really want to, but alas... I haven't yet... some time in the future I'm trying to collaborate with fellow guitarist and Soundclicker Liam (or as you may know him on here, Fluid Response...) to get to play live... Check out Liam's stuff: www.soundclick.com/fluidresponse/
Your musical influences
Um... don't rightly know... punk stuff I guess... Punk: Alkaline Trio The Buzzcocks The Sex Pistols Green Day Misc: The Dubliners
What equipment do you use?
Okay, I have a Westfield Les Paul copy (guitar for those who don't know :P ) and a small Watson 10watt practise amp (I'm gonna get a better amp soon though, I hope). I use WinLame to convert .wav into .mp3, and um... I'll try and borrow some stuff from Liam to maybe help neaten up my work...
Anything else?
Right... I don't think there's much to say! I'm boring, have two brown dogs and live in a village! Enough?
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