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Dustin Darnold
Dustin Darnold
Seattle, WA  USA
January 13, 2009
14,690 plays
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Band/artist history
"There's a level of honesty to Dustin Darnold's acoustic presence that hints the songwriter has crafted his music with meticulous intentions. He's not just a lonesome troubadour with a set of guitar strings in one hand and heart strings in the other. These lo-fi numbers are intentionally sparse, and every beat, each note, and all the open spaces are executed with a surgeon's precision. It's as though the 26-year-old understands that somber mustn't be melancholy, that ambiance isn't always best as mere background noise, and that true sincerity doesn't come in Hallmark card sentiments. Instead, he sounds like a student of Americana music who put years of appreciating folk forefathers into arranging his own contributions to the genre." - Derek Wright, Liner Notes Magazine
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have played open mic's between Seattle, Chicago, and now LA. but now with my new album of original songs. I am interrested to play gigs elsewhere in the metro area.
Your musical influences
wilco, my morning jacket, jesse sykes, fleet foxes, will oldham, sam beam, nick drake, neil young, kings of leon, the flaming lips, beck, local music... poetry, anything experimental
What equipment do you use?
Martin and Seagull guitars. Hohner Harmonicas, Austin Mandolin
Anything else?
My new CD "Silos and the Long Pause" is complete and available for download here on Soundclick.
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