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debi mendez
debi mendez
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variety of covers in every genres of forms. may it be rock, heavy metal, or ballads, classical,old or new, all are a striking adventure covering each and every
enya - only time (debi mendez covers)
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cyndi lauper - time after time (debi mendez cover)
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tori amos - winter (debi mendez covers)
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within temptation -our farewell(debi mendez cover)
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--- this is the one and only DEBI MENDEZ official soundclick site --- ..is a solo musician/ makeup artist- visual artist... who is an artist of my own right. whatever music I cover is something that expresses my inner being. Both the emotional and the ravenous creed of my inner self.
Band/artist history
Founder and former of the Philippine goth metal doom band called "Oremuz" (formerly known as "Mutus Liber" project) with Lord Rams and Ron Lanuza in 2004. http://www.myspace.com/oremuzletuspray http://www.facebook.com/oremuzofficial/ Has given the band's principle core concept as a "Gothic Brutality" grunt act. As vocalist with range of melodic 3 octaves, deep baritone, Death scream/ vocal fry /false chord growls.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
As a child, have vocal experience in performing in Church, with vocal training. Has expiremented with guitar and violin. Earlier years, jamming with metal band In school events with my band "Mic2RipDeth" in which was formed with my deceased best friend drummer Michael Calma (his name is our band's name as to when we formed our band, Michael had cancer already) , we cover Megadeth, Faith No More and other metal /rock/goth bands we like. What amazes me is his skill as a drummer , even though his legs were amputated due to his condition or not, he managed to play. He inspired me. I had theatrical activities but was not really given the full chance to lead due to student favoritism, almost opened for "Aegis" Filipino pop rock band, earliest known experience with playing guitar for Benny Hinn/Peter Gasparik in Doha due to parental reasons which I am not very proud of, as it doesn't seem to meet my musical standards and beliefs. As solo artist, performed in small events and guest vocals in bands. What made me express my kind of music was using MySpace, Multiply, and Vampirefreaks as my live platform. Also experienced being a dj with new wave /goth spin tracks at play. With all this, I had fare share with goth modelings, my last project was for Goth Subkulture poster. In fact, Suicide Girls contacted me in MySpace way back 2003.
Your musical influences
Everything.. from Type O Negative to HIM, Siouxsie and the Banshees to Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy to Dead can Dance, The Cure to the 69 eyes, Death to Arch Enemy - Angela Gossow, Burzum to Celtic Frost, Faith No More to TOOL, Soundgarden to Alice in Chains, Switchblade Symphony to Skinny Puppy, Nightwish to The Gathering, Therion to Within Temptation, Nina Hagen to Diamanda Galas, Theatre of Tragedy to Tristania, Cyndi lauper to Erasure, Spandau ballet to Depeche Mode, NIN to Marilyn Manson (and the spooky kids) , Dimmu Borgir to Children of Bodom, Rammstein to Projekt Pitchfork, Dido to Sarah McLachlan, Otep to Guano Apes, Skunk Anansie to Radiohead, Dominion to The Dawn, Whorelocke to The Late Isabel, Descatt Gott to Five Wounds to Enter, Sugar Hiccup to Identity Krisis, Iconoclast to Sea of rains, my boyfriend's band 7ply to Queso/Cheese, Apocalyptica to Metallica, Bat for lashes to Moloko, Guns n' Roses to Dream theater, Portishead to Hoover phonic, Sneaker pimps to Snake River Conspiracy, Evanescence to Sarah Brightman, Phil Collins to King Crimson, System of a Down to Tori Amos, Rage Against the Machine to Deftones, Barbara Streisand to Pavarotti, Mozart to Vivaldi... and everything else that crashes in within my experimental, melodious, dark heart and mind. Being a woman, I have appetite for femme fatalle artists in goth/metal unconventional scene and a much more older pop artists. I do have passion for the occult.
What equipment do you use?
As techies, I experimented with pc mic, online mp3 converters, radio, mobile phone/tape recorders.. all the basics where we all started from. As artist, I use microphone, electric and acoustic guitar.
Anything else?
In the past I worked as a MAC. makeup artist and has later on pursued my own business. An amateur photographer A self portrait artist (I like taking dark pictures of myself) A writer A painter.. and everything that has to deal with art, I associate myself with.
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