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Jeff Bosset
Jeff Bosset
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Born in San Francisco, Jeff learned trumpet in Jr. High and became very involved in the music scene. He began teaching himself piano at the age of 13. Everyth
I was born in San Francisco in 1960. I started on trumpet in Jr. High School, and was involved heavily in the music scene as a trumpet player, going on a pro tour at only 17 years old. I caught interest in the piano at age 13, and began teaching myself how to play. I have never had a lesson, and its too late now :). I saw a performer back in High School by the name of Jeff Lorber, and was wowed by this setup he had with his keyboards and a computer. I had no idea what it was, but it looked very, very cool. I wanted to have a cool setup like that one day.... Roughly 13 years later, I got it. My first keyboard, and all the things necessary to get hooked up to my pc. Away I went! I quickly learned how to record multiple tracks, and my first album" A Better World" was born. I then wrote my second collection "Above The Clouds". Just before completing the first Cd, my wife I had been with for 17 years suddenly left me and our then 9 year old Daughter. A very tough time in both my Daughter and my lives. A while later, I met the woman of my dreams - Annabelle. We have now been extremely happily married for 10 years, but I say 30 because we have literally been together 24/7 that entire time, with the exception of a day here and there. So I came out with my last cd "To Walk With You". Listen to the change in my music, and you'll see the effect this amazing person has made in my life. Annabelle and I lost our home and literally everything we had a year ago. She has and continues to stick by my side, and we know we'll make it through this very difficult time THANK YOU to those of you that have purchased my songs. Even one song is making a huge difference in our lives. Our love to you all.
Band/artist history
See #1.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I havent played live in years. I have no issues in a band, and HUGE issues going solo - so I don't play solo - yet. Whats happened in our lives - the struggling every day - seems to be changing the way I think about many things.
Your musical influences
Stevie Wonder, Tower of Power, Acoustic Alchemy, Isley Brothers, lots and lots more.
What equipment do you use?
Roland XV-88, Alesis QS7.1, Gigastudio, Sonar.
Anything else?
I love my wife. I am the luckiest man on Earth. Thanks again to all of you for putting those quarters into the slot:)
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