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-Averis- (NC)
-Averis- (NC)
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White and nerdy. Now, with 25% more nerd.
C.Carters -
Averis (Casey Carter), a Jacksonville, North Carolina native, is a young emcee making moves in the North Carolinian and Virginian hip hop underground. He started his career in January 2009, recording with Rykashay, a female emcee and producer from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Then, a long time Internet acquaintance, StayHigh (James White) from Statesville, North Carolina, approached him about working together and within six months they had finished an as of yet unreleased album tentatively titled the AK Tracks. From there, Averis began making music with his blood cousin, Tekone (Chad Carter), Virginia Beach, Virginia representative and Forbidden City co-founder, and they began recording immediately. In less than six months they have written and produced nearly 40 tracks, and are waiting impatiently for the new year and what the release of their album "Averis+Tekone presents... C.Carters" will bring. Averis is now recording for the C.Carters project, Mike Walla (Michael Woolard) of Forbidden City's new album, and various Forbidden City affiliated mixtapes and projects.
Band/artist history
I've been writing since '04, when I started really getting into hip hop. I signed up to a website, www.globalcypher.com, and just started writing lyrics for fun. I won an "emcee battle tournament" on the site and received a shirt, some CDs and a bunch of stickers for my participation. It wasn't until a few years later that I decided I wanted to pursue music as a career. For now, I still do it for fun, for the love of making songs and albums, but now I've got an attitude about it. For the near future, I'm concentrating on my work with Tekone (search Ccarters on facebook, and also check out www.soundcloud.com/c-carters), pushing Forbidden City, getting on stage as often as possible, and working with other artists.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have performed in Jacksonville, North Carolina, High Point, North Carolina, Greenville, North Carolina and Chesepeake, Virginia, with shows in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Norfolk, Virginia scheduled for the fall and winter.
Your musical influences
To be honest, a slew of names that none of you will recognize come to mind, but they know who they are. Other than that, I'd have to say I'm influenced by Midwestern hip hop, and some southern rappers -- Eminem, Brother Ali, Atmosphere, Eyedea, Blueprint, Black Milk, Royce Da 5'9, El Zhi, MF Doom, One Be Lo, Outkast, Ludacris; but Nas, Jay Z and Biggy have to take a big share of the credit.
What equipment do you use?
I'm the vocalist; if I'm being honest, I know next to nothing about the equipment I use.
Anything else?
I want to be successful for myself and my family, despite every person that's ever doubted me, and with the support of the group of musicians around me. Special thanks go out to those that have worked with me in the past, and those who plan to work with me in the future. If you enjoy these tracks, don't be afraid to let me know; I appreciate everyone who takes the time to listen. Sincerely, Averis averisnc@gmail.com
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