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Ian C.T. vom Saal
Ian C.T. vom Saal
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I'm resolute about my music career; Always on the lookout for another recording contract (lucrative being KEY this time); Writing & Recording Original Music; Ho
- (a.k.a. ) is currently writing for their new album. - The music on this SoundClick page is purely for people to have something to listen to (I'm prohibited from posting any music from Aries Rising, and I'm not promoting my former bands). I was a fill in guitarist with "Decompression" leaving in early '04 to commit to "Ring" full time; sadly Ring ended in '05 with the loss of our singer; I left the "Precious" in November '07 in search of a band with more commitment & potential; "I.U.I." ended abruptly late November 2010 (our drummer & singer vanished leaving myself & Juan [our bassist] to pick up the pieces). There's no ill will from me on any of these band splits, & as far as I know we're all still friends. My goal has always been to play music with serious, dedicated musicians that are all looking to go as far as they can musically (recording, touring, etc); of coarse continually shooting for that ominously lucrative 'recording deal' most musicians covet. My main focus is on ; I'm inspired by a confluence of styles: Hard-Rock, Alternative & Progressive-Rock, Alternative & Progressive-Metal, Blues-Rock, Fusion (a mix of rock, blues, jazz), & Acoustic Music - I've played an amalgamation of these styles since '2000. I have a music degree from Palm Beach State/Florida Atlantic University (in Guitar Performance; Classical' & 'Jazz Studies '99/'01) - Regardless, my main focus since '2003 has been Original rock; Notably; also went to F.A.U. - Two '99 Gibson Les Paul Standards, '90 Gibson SG Standard ('62-RI), Fender Amer-Dlx-Plus Strat ('96) & Amer-Dlx Tele ('98), two Schecter Tempest Customs, an Ibanez AS103, & many other custom & hand-made guitar's. I currently own 17-guitars. This number fluctuates from year to year depending on my needs (I'm down by 10 guitars since 2005); Thanks to (El Cajon, CA) & (Elkton, MD) for their endorsements on my last tour (Taylor 814-CE & Elixir 11-52). (Tube Amps); MAZ 38 / JTM45, JCM2000 DSL / Road King 2, Triple Rectifier, Lone Star, Mark III / Shiva, Ecstasy / Superdrive-45 / Super Reverb, Bassman, Hot Rod DeVille, Vibro King, Twin Reverb / Hot Cat / Bordeaux, modified Classic-50 / TB35C2, AC30 / DC30 / Tweed / Knucklehead, Fandango / & several other custom amps. Road King II Head into a Port City OS Wave Cabinet. I've gone MIDI with this via RJM Amp Gizmo connected to a Rocktron touring MIDI controller (MIDI Raider). I'm in the process of incorporating an Avid Eleven Rack for simple delay/chorus effects & for touring. I run my entire rig through a Furman AR-1215 voltage regulator (which protects my rig and gives me a consistent 120V at every venue). Tree Sound Studios '2000 GA (www.treesoundstudios.com) Southern Living At It's Finest '2000 GA The Hit Factory/Criteria Recording Studios '01 FL (www.criteriastudios.com) Record Plant Recording Studio '03-04 CA (www.recordplant.com) DML STUDIOS '03-04 CA Avatar Studios '04 NY (www.avatarstudios.net) Morrisound Recording '05 FL (http://morrisound.com) Eastside Sound Studios '05 NY (www.eastsidesound.com) Panda Productions '05 FL (now Creative World Recording: http://creativeworldrecording.com) Tub's Music '06-07 FL (www.tubsmusic.com). work can be fairly tedious, but it can also be fun, & a great way to meet, record, or play with a lot of talented musicians. I've been fortunate enough to play/record with a few fairly well known bands & people over the years ) (Ian C.T. vom Saal): Gibson Les Paul Standard(s); Mesa/Boogie ROAD KING 2 Head into a Port City OS Wave Cabinet. (Emory Smith): Yamaha Recording Custom Series drums; exclusively plays Paiste Signature Series Cymbals. (Dave Graves): Music Man Stingray & Fender P basses through SWR & Ampeg amps/cabs. (Daniel Solwold Jr. ): Audix Microphones; Frontman Charisma (lol). I was lead/rhythm guitarist for the Original Band "IUI" in Tampa, FL; I was lead guitarist in the Original Band "The Precious" (Ring2) in Tampa, FL. We recorded 2 songs for the upcoming vampire movie "THE BASEMENT" (told John Landis is helping to produce this film); Production company making this film is CHAOTIC GARDENS; "The Precious" recorded w/ renowned Producer & Recording Engineer Bob Langford (TUBS MUSIC STUDIO). Bob's worked with many bands including; Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers Band, Deep Purple, James Brown, Joe South, 38-Special - Bob engineered & mixed "Free Bird, Sweet Home Alabama, Gimme Three-Steps" & more for Skynyrd - the band were so indebted that they included his photo & special thanks in the original release (Sounds of the South Records). Bob's really great, & I'd recommend him to anyone looking to record. "The Precious" were flown to San Diego on Aug.22nd to play a INVALID S.O.S. (Share Our Strength) HUNGER ORGANIZATION." I moved to Tampa, FL from San Diego, CA (April). Since then I've had the opportunity to play or record with many talented LOCAL artists including: Tony Starez, Damon Fowler, Christie Lenee, Julie "Angel for Blues" Black, George Harris (Greg Billing Band, Soupbone), Steve Arvey, Dean Johanesen (Human Condition), & many more . . . Again, apologies to anyone I haven't added yet. I was lead & rhythm guitarist for 2 Original Alternative-Rock Bands; "" (an alternative-power trio) & "" (quartet, alternative-metal vibe). I'm currently a . March '09 completed another guitar - southern swamp ash capped w/ figured-maple, rear-routed 1-H/B, 2-S/C, vintage trem - sprayed w/ nitrocellulose lacquer (red/amber sunburst) - neck carved from maple, fretboard from ebony (22 jumbo 6100 stainless frets, pearl dots) - headstock's a 3+3 tuner design angled 13 for better string pull w/out string tree's - truss rod cover (rosewood), tuner buttons (ebony), back plate, trem cover (all hand carved)- pic below. Jan 2011 completed another guitar; body/neck made entirely from walnut - ebony fretboard - 22 jumbo 6100 stainless frets, abalone block inlays (1st time doing this) - custom claro walnut pickguard - Gotoh hard-tail bridge/tuners (hand carved ebony tuner buttons, walnut input jack, & walnut truss rod cover) - Nitro-lacquer finished body, oiled finish neck.
Band/artist history
- see above
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live as often as I can (locally, out of state, wherever).
Your musical influences
Don't worry if you don't see your favorite band listed here - I'm into a ton of music.
What equipment do you use?
- lots and lots . . . please read above under EQUIPMENT where it says and .
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