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Danny Veras
Danny Veras
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Rock , rock & more rock
7 Months - In Time (ALBUM SOUND BYTES)
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L.A. Holeshot-Hell Rider(2006)
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L.A. Holeshot-Lay down your gun
L.A. Holeshot-Misery
7 Months-Ask The Lonely
Peak in sub-genre #16
I was born in Brasil , Natal, the 1st of May 1977; of a Spanish mother and Brasilian father. After various life experiences I came to europe as a kid and lived in France until the age of 11. It was already my big dream to be a rock singer since I heard Elvis for the 1st time when my sister gave me a tape of him. I started playing guitar on my own at the age of 11 , when I arrived in Spain (Barcelona). The year after I started a band with some guys from the ghetto I was living in. It was real fun , even if we were not great musicians we were just friends playing together. At the age of 15 I went to the Costa Brava to live and I started a band in Barcelona with Victor who was playing drums, Joan on guitar & Xavi on the bass. We formed The Griffters a hard rock band with an American style .In '93 we recorded our 1st demo with 6 songs on a 4 track recorder . After that record the band split up . In '94 I tried to form a new band Paranoia but we didnt go too far. I started to compose my own songs like running away and theres some magic and I called some friends to go into the studio to record 2 songs: the light of my life & tv scream. That recording was the best I had done until that date . After that I left Spain and went to Switzerland to study in a school in '96. I met some guys who had a progressive metal band and they needed a singer , so I did the try-out and it worked; i was the new singer for MT20, just singing without the guitar , so I could concentrate more on my voice. We did some gigs in Switzerland and France and also a demo with 3 long songs. I stopped school and had to come back to Spain because the state didnt allow me to stay in Switzerland due to the laws of the country. Coming back to Spain in '98 i stopped playing in bands , and started playing alone with my guitar in hotels , pubs , restaurants , parties , playing all different kinds of music , besides I did some projects and recordings with guitar players from Germany and Spain like Guido Neuhoff , André Krengel , Steve Keller , Joan Casanovas ( Ex-Griffters ).I always wanted to play rock but I needed to live , so I had to play any kind of music , cos rock has never been big in Spain , most of the rock comes from England , Germany , USA. I was running out of time , like a fool looking for gigs everywhere doing cover songs from Eric Clapton , Deep ,Purple , Stevie Wonder , Lionel Richie , Roy Orbison , Eagles, George Benson , Sting , and a lot more . It worked very well , until the law stopped the musicians playing in the Costa Brava. Police were always controlling and it was quite impossible to play everywhere as before. So I took the decision to move to the States and try my chances out there. Because if you cant fight for what you dream here , there must be a place in the world where you can do it , and that place can be America . -Danny Veras
Band/artist history
The griffters -1993 1-mister rock girl 2-and she fells 3-bang bang on my heart 4-theres some magic in the air 5-desire 6-i go my way Speed Silver -Tv Scream (1995) 1-The light of my life 2-Tv Scream Speed Silver -Running Away (1996) 1-tell me now 2-playing with the fire 3-theres some magic in the air (new released) 4-running away MT20 -Demo Spring 97 1-Time & nothingness 2-The end never 3-Revenge Danny Veras -1-the devils garden (1998) Danny Veras -16 (1999) 1-16 years 2-hellrider 3-soulitude 4-temptation 5-send me an angel(cover) Casanovas & veras-(1999) 1-unidos 2-signos de libertad 3-al limite 4-emociones y sueños 5-el sueño eterno Spedd Silver -Both sides of the highway(2000) 1-Friend of the road 2-its not over 3-its never too late for love 4-die young 5-song of faith 6-darling 7-tell me now 8-running away 9-back in town 10-the light of my life 11-playing with the fire 12-tv scream 13-shes fallen into hell 14-friend of the road (acoustic) 15-its not over (acoustic) Steve Dyver & Danny Veras-(2001) 1-fly into the light Danny Veras-misty nights(2001 2-fire & water 3-when the sun goes down St.Keller Project-(2002) 1-no fear to loose 2-the gift of trust 3-1st class woman 4-suits & ties Casanovas & Veras 2-(2003) 1-Heaven comes down 2-Ill keep the light 3-obsession 4-back in town 5-russian troup
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes i play live quite often , but i will not mention where.
Your musical influences
George benson , Paco de lucía , yngwie malmsteen ,Demian Bell , Randy Crawford ...................................................
What equipment do you use?
dont like this kind of music
Anything else?
i love my dog Rocko , hes my best friend , and my cat Silver also!!!
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