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These recordings are done on my computer from past recordings I have done with bands over the years since the sixties. I am playing the stringed bass ,guitar, p
Stranger in Paradise
I am my band ! I intend to upload composites of me playing both the stringed bass and the other instrument which may be the piano or the guitar .
Band/artist history
The recordings I intend to put in this widget with this name will be of the last eight years or so , many done with the computer , some live with other men , and some with overdubs and current re-mixes . I have been playing since around 1950 , torturing people in bars . I have traveled the country supporting myself by working as a musician, singer, songwriter , making it up as I went along . The gigs are too many to list . I d want to mention that I discovered in around 1968 that there are a lot of unknown people all over the country who are really extra-ordinary and exciting . These people are unrenowned yet represent the good that is in playing music . In recent years I have played society work and special occasions in Washington DC .
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do play live with other musicians to fill in the parts that I am playing here .
Your musical influences
Jazz , classical , pop, electonic music , airplanes , trains , noise , yelling people , anger , love , and frustration .
What equipment do you use?
I will never endorse another brand ( .. unless I am actually paid as I have been in the past to lie about it ...haha )
Anything else?
I intend to upload standard tunes and see if they will be allowed here . I believe thatthey are ,generally , public domain . I have noticed that my own work is being sold on the net at Amazon, Yahoo, etc , and neither me nor my publisher are associated with those sales . Does this mean that my material is public domain ? I don't really know anymore or care . I will test the water with no intention or need of plagurizing anything for my own personal advancement or self agrandation ( is that a word ?) Anyway , I will be who I am in a schizoid way ,on recordings uploaded here .
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