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The One and Only H.Y.P.E.
The One and Only H.Y.P.E.
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The One and Only H.Y.P.E.
I started rhyming back in 98, originally in a group, then eventually moved on to solo work. I alos produce beats along with my partner Bob in our team called Shortened Science, and I am also the frontman for a Rap Rock band named E.N.V.Y. I feel like my music is the everyman's hip hop, where as anyone from any walk of life can relate to some of the things I discuss, but also vibe out with my songs as well. I won't try to go into a huge paragraph of who I sound like or who my influences are, I'll just tell you to listen to my songs and form that opinion for yourself.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do play live, thus far mainly with my band E.N.V.Y. and concentrating on the local area (the DMV-WV to be exact- D.C., Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.) I love playing live, I really do think it's where I shine the most because of the energy I have on a stage in front of fans or even people who may I have never heard me. I think my biggest moment thus far was playing my first legitimate show (a.k.a. a bar show hehe) with the first band I performed with, we packed the place and alot of people that knew me from school were there. They never knew I rapped, so seeing the look on their faces when I started performing was priceless.
What equipment do you use?
AKG Perception 200, M-Audio Fast Track Pro, and Adobe Audition for recording; M-Audio Axiom 25 Midi Keyboard and Reason for Production; Shure SM58 and Audio Technica for Live Shows.
Anything else?
HYPEWV.COM, its got my own "blog" and all the links to my extension sites.