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Mellow and relaxed individuals. We love to make music for ourselves to enjoy, everyone just happens to LOVE It!!
This production team as of right now is myself (Genisis) and Andre Tha Gr8. We started out as production/Rappers but eventually chose the production route as our main interest but still lay down a track from time to time!! Anyway we try to make as wide of a range of diversity and "Different-ness" to our music as we can but still maintain our own Unique styles! We also like to do requests for custom beats and such. So if you hear a track or beat somewhere and want something like it then we are who you wanna talk to! So just get at us here or on our myspace pages.... www.myspace.com/theofficialbhe and http://www.myspace.com/2kingz2 We produce the artists D1, Nado G. Kay Dubb, G-Silk, J-Smoov, D-Lyrik, Watts, and last but not least Lil Duk
Band/artist history
Met up through friends who had friends with musical talent and a passionate drive for musical independence. ! respect that!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We've done a couple of shows in Weatherford,OK back in the CTC days.. An artist that we produce D1 (www.myspace.com/D1itsme) has had multiple shows and such in Ft Worth and Dallas and a couple in Houston.
Your musical influences
Nas,Scott Storch, Dr Dre, Pharrell, Timbaland, The Heatmakers, Just Blaze, Freecreditreport CreditReport Tires Piano Keyboard Printer Christmas Windows Coke Funny Audio Speaker Chair World Britney Spears TI Chris Brown Madonna Willie Nelson Jordan Katt Williams House Girl Next Door (sorry all those words were for the search engine!! hopefully they'll shoot me to the top of the list!
What equipment do you use?
Nuendo 2, Cubase 5, FL 8, Reason 4, LOTS of VST's and VSTi's, 2 Rokit 8's with a Rokit 10, Profire 610 sound card, Lexicon MX300 for effects, Pioneer CDJ-800MK2, MXL 4000, Ohm 2 Dynamic Mic,.
Anything else?
We strive for authenticity and respect. We are not trying to land a record deal or be megastars. We aim to build a strong network with hardworking producers, artists, promoters, DJ's, and anyone else who loves puttin' in work!
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