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K da 1'1 Deuce
K da 1'1 Deuce
25 Tracks
K Da 1'1 Deuce is LazyBoy Records #1 Recruit www.lbr4life.com K Da 1'1 Deuce is one half of NJ's Elite K Da 1'1 Deuce is DJ Chozen 1 www.soundclick.com/dj
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"Well its the one and only Johnny Storm love me hate me battle me date me. Its all the same. The lyrical human torch is on a move and under his alias of K-Deuce he's the best rapper on ANY Scene PERIOD. So Fu*K da Rest" - K Da 1'1 Deuce The one and Only K Da 1'1 Deuce
Band/artist history
Rap was Made...I was Born...Rap was never the Same. The rest is now the after is the apocolypse and what came before me is irrelevant.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeh i did a show about 2 months ago in Newark and completely rocked the crowd. At first they was viben and then i ripped out the "Deuce-Style" and raped da beat and even the most feminen women was goin "Oh Oh Oh Oh" it was oh so lovely.
Your musical influences
NJ's Elite, Ghostface Killah, Canibus, Krs-1, Eminem, Paul Mcartney, The Mighty Sparrow, Buju Banton, Beanie Man, JR Writer, Hell Rell, Juelz Santana, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Phil Collins, Cee-Lo Green, Andre 3000, Nas, Jay-Z, Ma$e, Camron, Cardan, 50 cent, K da 1'1 Deuce, Proof, RA The Rugged Man, SKillz, 2pac, biggie,Proof, Swifty mcveigh, N.W.A., Y2A, Peter Tosh (of course), and finally Bordem, Depression, and Solitude for without most of this wouldn't be possible.
What equipment do you use?
my computer my mic my preamp my pen and my pad
Anything else?
Clothes, Merchandise, and Swag all sold @ http://rm24.spreadshirt.com Oh and I'm still rapping and producing. Production Page: www.soundclick.com/djchozen1 You may now to refer to me as Uamak Phallas "The Autocratic" King Of Spades. Drop a bomb after that...with an Evil Laugh
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