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Finger Sandwich
Finger Sandwich
2 Tracks
retro punk
Anal Bleach Technician
Finger Sandwich is a retro punk band with hardcore and anarcho influences. all instruments and songs are by me. this is a side project from my main punk band for the material that does not fit that band, and i have a backlog of about 70 songs to record as finger sandwich. the first phase of finger sandwich was a cyberpunk project in which i used music samples and live vocals to create my punk songs, but now has become a live studio band.
Band/artist history
finger sandwich was originally a cyber punk project based on samples and live vocals and produced two albums of punk songs. but that was just a begining to my punk interests, i have been writing songs for the last two years and have around 90 im planning on recording. it all started with this idea of a punk concept album sort of a ziggy stardust style piece written about dee dee ramone titled Cranky Whore and the Restless Riff, and just built from there as i kept on writing and refining my style.
Your musical influences
this music is influenced by the ramones, who started it all, dead kennedys, dead boys,the exploited, dayglo abortions, subhumans, blanks 77, varukers, mdc, and of course the circle jerks.
What equipment do you use?
carvin guitars, custom built bass, peavey and randall amps, peavey pa mixer with peavey pa speakers,