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Psychos from earth
Psychos from earth
12 Tracks
The psychos from earth were an experimental punk/hip hop/noise band from Staten Island, New york from 1996 until 1999. Fueled by cheap beer, dirt weed, nintend
Stoned forever
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In my life
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Psychos from earth was a band formed in Staten Island, NY in 1995 by 4 juvenile delinquents. Sake, Teaz, Frankie Pillz, Tony Ravioli, and myself... I am j. We wrote and recorded low budget music on 4 tracks, boom boxes and whatever else we could find with whatever available instruments we had laying around.. sometimes we didn't even use instruments. -j
Band/artist history
The story of the psychos is a long and weird one... So I'll try to keep it concise. Teaz, Sake, and Tony were starting a band... Sake and I had both been in the same class for 3 years at saint pauls catholic school Teaz, Sake and Tony all did illegal things together in the hood... in 1996, I was a sophmore at Susan Wagner high school. Tony and I had the same biology class. One day, Tony pointed to a picture of some furry creature on the wall, and told me how he was thinking about how he would like to fuck it. I agreed that it would probably be a good time. So we started hanging out and smoking lots of grass, playing nintendo. I asked Tony if he could play any instruments, as I was interested in starting a band... at the time, I could barely play the skin flute... He told me he was in a band, and asked if I would come by and jam... So I did... Upon meeting the psychos from earth, I discovered that this was something very unique and worth spending time in. Sadly, around this time, Sake's mind had started to deteriorate from all the acid he was eating... Evidence of this can be heard in the song "in my life" Even with Sakes mental state slowly slipping away We still did a shitload of bonghits, and drank red dog beer. When we ran out of weed, we raided Tonys spice cabinet for interesting things to smoke out of our bowls. We spent more time tagging up snug harbor, and breaking into abandoned buildings and ripping bongs off decrepit roof tops. Tony and I recorded a few songs in his attic, Crack, and Weeded out, while Teaz, Sake and Frankie Pillz, (Teaz's brother, and the only one of all of us who had any actual talent) who eventually became a full time psycho recorded a bunch of stuff at their crib. (Stuck in reality, dungeon, Light me up, In my life, Fuck the system...) Around this time, I had gotten into some trouble, and my parents sent me to finish out my high school days in Fort Lauderdale, where I lived with my aunt and uncle. In 1998, I flew back to NYC for the holidays, where Frank, Teaz, Sake and myself got together, and recorded some weird noisy shit on a boom box, with a keyboard, and Franks guitars. I then took the tape back to florida and using primitive cut and paste techniques on two boomboxes, I constructed the songs Chicken little, go to hell, I want a new bong and DUI out of those jams. As the years went on, Sakes condition worsened... Although we all maintained contact, the psychos had dissolved. Tony had moved to New mexico, where he is believed to be a truck driver. Frank and Teaz are both chillin' in staten island. Teaz is a steamfitter, and is working at the WTC. Frank is currently working on his own solo material as Francis MH, and I am keeping busy up in Albany with my band Cats don't have souls. At the moment, Frank and I are talking about the possibility of a new psychos album in 2013...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The psychos have never played any live shows. It is probably better for humanity that they hadn't. Instead, they did bonghits, and made noise in their basements, attics and bedrooms, while watching hentai, and playing nes.
Your musical influences
anthrax, beastie boys, metallica, oingo boingo, skinny puppy, slayer, the clash, ween, wu tang clan
What equipment do you use?
Boss TR 505 Yamaha PSR 180 random guitars... random boomboxes, and four tracks
Anything else?
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