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A bloke trying to funk with your mind, complete with orchestral overtones.
Peak in sub-genre #31
I make some well good banging beats for my established gentlemen and ladies to hear and hopefully you'll 10-4, ya dig?
Band/artist history
I've taught myself guitar and had basic classical training on the keys, which I've forgotten, replacing strict triads with the flowing chords of neo-soul. Since a young age I've always been interested in making music, playing around with the classic Music 2000 on playstation, and from GCSEs onwards I've been getting into music production, I'm even doing a degree at the moment which I'm enjoying thoroughly. TL;DR I likes music, I makes songs.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I'm in the process of managing a live setup, this music isn't exactly plug in and rock out, so it'll be probably as interesting as the production to get a musical yet manageable system going.
Your musical influences
I can never know, I do have a love for many different styles of music but the writing process is very organic and jam based. I guess I'd have to say Steve Reich, Stevie Wonder and Steve Vai as big influences on what I create.
What equipment do you use?
Logic Express 8 (and many software effects), Juno-G, Line 6 Effects from a Toneport KB37 and PODXt Live and a ESP Ltd M-202 guitar.
Anything else?
Remember to love what you're making (if it doesn't feel right bin it!), experiment even if you don't like the premise (these normally give you the coolest results) and listen to the music that you hate (you could find some great ideas in there).