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IMPORTANT REMINDER: FREE DOWNLOADS ARE FOR NON-PROFIT USE ONLY Free means free to use for non-profit purposes only (i.e. myspace/soundclick) as long as proper credit to Incredibeats (Produced By Incredibeats or Incredibeats.com) is given. No radio uses or live performances allowed. You do not have any rights to the beats for free. Don?t violate the copyright or legal action will be taken. Incredibeats
Band/artist history
First and foremost we give all Glory and Honor to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is because of Him that we live, move, and have our being. He has brought us from nowhere to somewhere, from nobody to somebody, and most importantly from Glory to Glory. We surely praise Him continuously. We just love to make music and thank God for the gifts. Bless His Name. -Incredibeats
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I both play live in our church. . .But as for the beats they are all studio production, Making music is very enjoyable
Your musical influences
We Are Influenced By the Holy Ghost. . .
What equipment do you use?
A little of this and a little of that. . . . . . . A great artist never tells his secrets.
Anything else?
There are hundreds and thousands of Gospel rappers out there. . not hip hoppers. . .that is an entirely different religion than we talking about. . I am talking Gospel/Christian rappers who need beats to continue to walk in the vision that God has given to them. . . . We want to supply them with beats that have been prayed over and are inspired by the Holy Spirit. . not some other stuff that is worldly. . . Our Beats, Your Voice, HIS GLORY -Incredibeats
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