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Brian Crowl
Brian Crowl
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One man who enjoys sharing music, blending music, and spiritually healing people with influences and inspirational concepts in music.
After having been offline for a long time, I have finally put myself back online with a healthy computer, so now I can put music from this massive archive I have on here finally. These are all songs I did completely myself, things I did just playing with all the instruments I have in different combinations, coming out with different things relative to my own personal style. I can't say I'm any one particular style, I've got many kinds, I have moods of all kinds in my expressive sounds. I evoke sadness, anger, insanity, humor, laughter, cheer, joy, happiness, all emotions, really. I'm particularly proud of the pieces I'm sharing with you here, though. Not many have gotten to see these recordings but finally you shall as well as all my other friends. I sincerely hope that anyone who hears these songs expresses an interest in connecting to me somehow, even as a friend. I'm social and pleasant to talk to.
Band/artist history
I'd grown up with instruments around me, always loved instrument stores, had a little education online with cool people from all around the world, and cool people from all over the city of portland, and out in oshkosh wisconsin.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play mostly locally in portland oregon around various parts of the city, open mics and bar performances mainly, but then again, my favorite to play is parties.
Your musical influences
I listen to so many kinds of music, it's really unfair to any one of them to mention any of the thousands of bands around the world as far as my influences and personal likes. I don't know who sounds exactly like me, but I know that I like almost every kind of music on earth except music produced by passionless people.
What equipment do you use?
All kinds any kind, I have utilized mostly electric guitar, bass guitar, sitar, and drum machines of various types, I use whatever I can, almost every recording has different instruments in it, but generally speaking still guitars, sitars, bass, drums, and something else.
Anything else?
Consider me for a friend, I know I'd be a good one. Consider me a candidate to be in your band, remember I flow free, I can memorize things, but it has to be spiritually worth it to me.
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