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Modern Day
Modern Day
24 Tracks
Gospel Rap, Christian Rap, East coast,Hip Hop general, modern day,Alternative hip-hop****delivering self worth,outlets for seekin holiness thru musical content
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Out in these streets tryin to show the world that music is worship! And the influences it will have over your life. What it was created for and how spirits move through the atmosphere we think is only a song! You dont have to compomise cool for integity.Lead, and this requires being led first
Band/artist history
I started rappin in 95, was goin hard I thgt. But was born of water in Jan 2000 nd born of spirit June 2000! started rapping for Christ shortly there after
Have you performed in front of an audience?
2 cherished musical moments...going to Mexico nd having music played and then seeing other countries viewing wht God is doing for me thru music.
Your musical influences
JESUS!!!If you like lyrics, creativity, something to push your speakers , you can listen to wit yo homeboys and ain't gotta be embarrased if yo pastor pull up beside you at a light I'm a child of God he is music the originator therefore I'm music..eastcoast usually but we give you the south too..
What equipment do you use?
I use a pen, any thing that can hold ink to write on and a microphone is my weapon of choice
Anything else?
nope I'm a lyricist, I just go hard on a beat..worship in spirit and in truth! holy in all thy conduct let him fill you go and sin no more!
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