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Sydnee B.
Sydnee B.
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Band/artist history
My music is a mix between alternative, hip-hop, Rnb, pop, and rap. My music is very high energy, emotion driven and true! I've been writing music for 8 years and have recorded over 200 songs. I grew up in Racine, WI and moved to Milwaukee at 18 for college, I dropped out of college to pursue a record deal I landed in the Virgin Islands with ISW Studios. But soon after I dropped out of college, the label dropped me because of financial complications. I'd say what sets me apart from most artists is my confidence. I can judge good music from bad. I never let anything out of the studio untill it has met my highest standards, because if im not %100 satisfied with it, I won't feel comfortable letting thousands of people hear it. I strive for greatness in every aspect of this business and I'm always trying to take it to the next level.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've did 4 shows in the Virgin Islands and got to perform in front of about 3,000 locals, I've opened for Kid Cudi, LMFAO and Shwayze @ The Rave in Milwaukee. Doing concerts and tours is what I'm in this business for. My goal is to get my music played to the masses and peforming live is the best way to express the emotion I put into all of my songs.
Your musical influences
My musical influences basically start all the way from when I was a kid, I've been influenced by Big Pun, Nelly, Pretty Willie, Tupac, DMX, EMINEM, Jay-Z, Kanye West, lil Wayne, Bone Thugz and other genres like Rock, Alternative, R&B and Regge.
What equipment do you use?
Just a mic and a DJ
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