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Midori and Audioclique
Midori and Audioclique
Santa Rosa, CA  USA
December 01, 2008
1,098 plays
Midori fronts a high-energy Bay Area rock band wih soulfully potent lead vocals, burning lead guitar, panaramic keyboards, and ground pounding bass and drums.
Band/artist history
Sixteen year old Midori Longo fronts this young band that has a mix of influences which creates a unique sound. The July 2008 release of their debut cd, "Bring It" has earned them many stellar reviews, and caused quite a buzz in the music world. Their sound can be described as organic, classic rock fused with a modern presence ala Beatles meets Avril meets Zepplin meets Sheryl Crow meets Matchbox. Recently, MusicDish Network selected "Bring It" as "Best of the Batch" (best new realease cd) for July 2008. "Go" was nominated for the Best Pop Song 2008 at the HOLLYWOOD MUSIC AWARDS, to take place at the prestigious Kodak Complex in Hollywood on November 20,2008. Midori was also nominated for Best Independent Pop Vocalist 2008 and Best Pop Song (for "I Can't Rely) for the famous LOS ANGELES MUSIC AWARDS, to take place November 20 at the Music Box Theater. Four of Audioclique's songs won several awards on Garageband.com, including Track of the Day, Track of the Week, and several #1 spots in the Bay Area music category. Midori is a finalist for the 100% Songwriter Contest- Best Vocal Performance for "Swim in my Ocean." Midori also won SingerUniverse's Best Vocalist of the Month Contest for May for "Close your Eyes," and was a finalist for June for "Swim in My Ocean." Midori/Audioclique was the featured band- Global Spotlight for a Day at IndieSolo.com on May 22, 2008. Midori and Audioclique have been featured or reviewed by www.musiczeitgeist.com, www.ninjaonline.com ,The Indie Ezine, www.indiesolo.com, Nor-Cal Connection, Junior's Cave, Target Summer Edition, and Wildy's World. They have been selected for upcoming reviews or features in Dig This Real and Buzzbin Magazine. They were featured on "The Upper Room Radio Show with Joe Kelly and Gi Dussault" on July 31, 2008. They are also currently on the roster for the KBH/TVIFF Showcase Series. They have performed at many great venues in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, including the Knitting Factory, the Mint, Safari Sam's , Forbidden City, and the Airliner Club. You can hear Midori and Audioclique on www.indie104.com (iradio-la), Outbound Radio, Radioelectric.com, Underworldmixradio.com, Women of Substance radio, and Big Foot Radio Japan. She is also in several Qualifying Rounds for ABC Radio's FameGames and made it to the finals for "Swim in My Ocean" and "Just How Much". Also, "One Lane Bridge" was chosen for inclusion on Moozikoo's "Best of Indie" cd and "I Can't Rely" was chosen for inclusion on the "Women of Rock" cd. "Bring It" will be featured on Crescent Musics' Rock compilation. "Bring It" will also be included on the GoGirls Compilation cd. Midori and Audioclique were also featured on The Round Up 19 podcast, and Eartaste, a very popular blog.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we mainly play in L.A. Our favorite gigs have been at the, Knitting Factory, at The Mint, and at Safari Sams.
Your musical influences
Everything from the Vines, to Led Zeplin, the Beatles ,early Michael Jackson, Tegan and Sarah, and many more!
What equipment do you use?
Pretty much a regular rock set-up.
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