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'All we wanted was a parade'
Peak in sub-genre #46
They call me Geronimo. My grandfather knew the great Apache medicine man.That's where I got the name. Unlike Geronimo, I cannot stop time, or fly, If I could I would have done so long ago. I come from Alabama, (don't you see that banjo on my knee?) I have been playing and writing country music for too many years to recount.I have written this "bio" too many times and each time it gets longer yet it never seems to convey all that I would like to. Maybe you should wait for the book. I don't care to give my real age now maybe later. (but I bet I am older than you ) I served my country in Vietnam, and in other capacities over the years.I played a song with Jonnny Cash and June Carter, in fact she kissed me right on my cheek. Johnny Cash was right there! She gave me a line I used for a hook in one of my best songs. I have written a couple of hundred songs, and some of them are good.I write poems ans short stories and two books as yet unpublished. I knew Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon. Shel Silverstein was a pal of mine,we wrote a couple of songs together. He saved my life one cold morning in NYC back in 198O. I once tipped my hat to Greta Garbo and bacause I did,she spoke to me, however briefly, she spoke to me. I ran the best guitar store in the world it's called "Matt Umanov Guitars."And I always spell Guitars with a capital "G" I lived in the Caribean for a number of years where I built and ran the best and most successful beach, night club in Mexico. "The Bad Bones Cafe" on the Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo. You can see a photo of it on my web site , " "www.geronimo-songsofglorifiedgispair.com" (and yes I know despair is misspelled) It was my dream me and every other singer songwriter/ musician I have ever known, my own club. The hurrican of the century, Gilbert, destroyed it all in "88 the year my son was born. My son Jake, "Hurrican Jake" we called him for years. I met my love, my life, my wife Patricia there. I was supplying bibles,uh to bibles to the Zapitasta rebels (Bibles, and the ammo to go with them) Back in NYC twenty years earlier,I had worked for the Jukebox mob, that is, industry. up in Hells Kitchen around forty-third st. and tenth avenue.I met Jake Lamata, Thomas Eboli,and "Big Maxey Greenberg" Whom I want to work for as a driver and personal assistant. got a no show union job and all. After twenty years in NYC I struck out for Mexico and a new life.The Pancho and Lefty era ended with the hurrican of 88.Texas was calling me so I went home, dead broke with a wife and son in tow.( Is there a country song in there?) Oh did I mention thet I spent a year in the Mexican federal prison.at Chetumal? No? well.I escaped and walked back to Texas. It took a month to make the trip.I crossed the border like too many do, illegally, and made my way to my brother in Houston. He helped me to get my family out they arrived on Christmas Day 1991. I finished my current album in May of this year. I tacked onto it four songs that I recorded in NYC IN 1980. "Dr. John" played piano ,Shawn Colvin sang on all four, and David Landau played Guitar. There are obivously and necessarily some holes in this nariative,but like I said you might just wait for the book. The book is called, by the way, "The False Friends and Allegorical Autobiography of Philip Nolan" and will be available....soon..,very soon. In any case , I am and will remain, one hundred and seventy five pounds of rompin' stompin' Guitar pickin' hell. Thanks for listenin' L.J."GERONIMO; HENRY In 2008 L. J. Henry sign an artist development deal with coast 3 entertainment of Nashville TN and West Palm Beach FL. We are currently promoting "all we wanted was a parade" to radio stations in the United States and overseas. We any coast 3 recognize special writers and performers with unique stories to tell and because of L. J.'s life experiences he certainly has an exciting and emotional story. We expect great success for Mr. Henry his music creating adventures! Coast 3 entertainment is proud to welcome L. J. our company.
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L. J. Henry, coast 3 entertainment, and shell game records will dominate a portion of the proceeds of each download to the wounded warriors organization to benefit veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States.