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Marie C Oliver
Marie C Oliver
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My music has been described as a soft rock with a country music twist.
"Music, like life, is very precious and should be enjoyed to it's fullest". My name is Marie C and was raised in San Antonio, Texas most of my life.. As early as I can remember, I have always had a passion for music...Started writing and composing at a young age and self taught myself to play the guitar...Now my guitar playing still has a lot to be desired..But don't hold that against me.LOL My son convinced me to join Soundclicks, so I could get other people, in the music business, to listen to a few songs that I have written (other than friends or family) and give me their professional opinion. I classify my music Genre as: Country, Country Rock and Soft Rock. The music you will be listening to is a simple made home demo...Just a keyboard, guitar and my voice. My songs my not be radio quality, but I believe my music will leave a lasting impression on who ever listens to it...Hope you enjoy what you hear...
Band/artist history
I've been writing songs from an early age..and caught some breaks here and there when I was younger, but put everything on hold when I had cancer. I have been offered free studio time, if they could record one of my songs, but I was young, scared and didn't know anyone in the music business..My friends took a copy of my songs to several recording studio's, and they liked it enough to called me..Being a military wife, we moved alot, never stayed in place alot. i
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have played live and received great reviews, won a couple of talent shows, but I don't play live often, ...My songwriting is much better than my performance skills.
Your musical influences
I grew up in a era where there were so many influences that I took a litte bit all of the incredible talent that surrounded me, from Patsy, Tammy, Conway, Willie, Motown gang..Eagles, Aerosmith..and Soul to Hip Hop and Reggie..etc..
What equipment do you use?
2 6 string Ovations, 1 12 String Taylor, 1 12 String Ovation, Yamaha Keyboard. Several Mikes, harmonicas
Anything else?
I am very grateful to anyone that listens my music...I try to keep my songs simple. I believe in my heart, that if a well known artist(female or male) took the opportunity to listen to a few of my songs, would really love the simplicity of it and could easily be a #1 hit.. The songs were recorded in a home mini recording studio, so what you will hear is just "Me, Myself and I" accompanied by a keyboard or guitar and my voice.
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