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Sandra Bronder
Sandra Bronder
November 12, 2008
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Singer / Songwriter I am a musician at heart and I'd like to contact musicians from all over the world. I write my own songs, both in German and in English. There are two albums: "Colours And Shadows" ( 1999 ) and "Zwischen den Zeilen" ( 2007 ). All texts are written by myself, all songs are composed by myself. DON'T give me notes or Tabs - what's that???? Ok, I had to learn Classical Guitar when I was 8 years old - but only 3 years later I quit lessons because I found it boring. So now I've been playing the guitar for about 20 years and I never stop learning new things! Really, I just watch others play the guitar and then try to play that. Or I try and try and try the frets - until it sounds good.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, I do. Ask me, visit my homepage. I love it, it's my life! A very special moment was, when in March 2007 I held my album "Zwischen den Zeilen" ( My german Songs ) in my hands and listened to the songs - such a hard work for almost over one year, such great musicians - FANTASTIC!!!
Your musical influences
That's hard to describe. Acvtually, I live for and like the blues. Acoustic Blues Guitar is just great! But I've also been inspired by Singer-Songwriters / Folk musicians such as Gordon Lightfoot, Donovan, Joan Baez... My absolute untouchable real BIG idol is ELVIS PRESLEY !!!!! The One and Only!!!
What equipment do you use?
I play a Taylor 410ce And my voice.
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