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Psychic Monkey
seattle, WA  USA
November 12, 2008
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It's an avant garde music band called Psychic Monkey. Although not strictly too weird or experimental, certainly the genre is hard to pinpoint. I would like to keep the music down-to-earth. The type of songs that I can just pick up an unplugged guitar and play and sing anywhere, anytime. As a result, much of the music is devoid of much fancy effects or even any other instrument other than the guitar (mostly acoustic-electric). Based in Seattle, WA. Please read the Band History section for more info.
Band/artist history
Psychic Monkey is a direct manifestation of one white-collar guy's hobby. In dealing with everyday work and life's challenges and responsibilities, he recognized the need for him to seek an escape. Despite being a full-time, career software engineer and a manager by day, family guy in the remaining time, the thirst for music, creation, and sports remained acute. Of many, sometimes disruptive interests, his passion for arts and music was undeniable. Unlike many musicians, he didn't own a music instrument, nor would he know what to do with one until he was into his late teen years. It was the time when he was a student in Europe and his first experience with living alone. He started out with an acoustic guitar and a beginner's guide to playing guitar. Throughout the years, he toyed with his guitar, wrote some lyrics, and recorded tracks for fun and experimentation. Not too long after, the tracks were shared online. Then with the pervasive web presence, coupled with encouragement from some friends and family members, the tracks earned a bit more visibility. As number of cover songs and originals grew, he formed a one-man band, put up a site, and took care of all related tactical matters. Psychic Monkey was born in 2008. His motto "There's profession, and then there's passion." Psychic Monkey is an experimental, and certainly an Indy band. While all the tunes are played in acoustic-electric guitars, the focus has been on bringing out the power of raw guitar notes and chords, and getting the core message out via lyrics. There's been many influences, primarily some well-known bands in folks, alternative, and indy genre. What electronic wizardry is applied is consciously kept at minimal.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Only for friends and family.
Your musical influences
No one in particular but many subconsciously I'm sure some of the bands I've listened to have molded my cerebral. I listen to all kinds of music although I play certain kinds only. The bands I listen to and say "ah ha, that'd be so cool to play..." are: Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Heather Nova, Dido, Jem, Moloko, Beatles, Eric Clapton, Presets, Bright Eyes, Enigma, Lida Husik, Alanis Morissette, Floater, Feist, Pink Floyd.
What equipment do you use?
Acoustic electric guitar plugged into Toneport UX2. Which plugs into my PC. And a mic for vocal that also goes to toneport.
Anything else?
We're always looking to expand our musical horizons, the demographics. Professional experience is not a requirement. Passion and talent certainly welcome! Aspiring singers, and instrumentalists strongly encouraged to contact via email.
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seattle, WA  USA
November 12, 2008
1,660 plays