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Rob Myers
Rob Myers
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Electronic movements mean nothing without a soul.
Rob Myers is a multi-talented composer and producer of electronic music. Heavily influenced by the works of Tangerine Dream and Vangelis. True to his influences, the music alone must tell the story. Setting the mood with percussive rhythms, lush pads and sweeping soundscapes.
Band/artist history
Former keyboardist for the Detroit based electronic band Code Industry. The band released two studio albums Method of Assembly in 1990 and Young Men Coming to Power in 1992 as well as two extended play releases Structure and Suffer all under the Belgium label Antler-Subway.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I haven't played live in a while. I really enjoy it. The energy from the crowd, it's the best. I would like to get out and play sometime. Maybe I will.
Your musical influences
The electronic genre has so many great artist many of which has had a influence on me particularly Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Enya, Kraftwerk, Paul Haslinger, and Prince to name a few. I've learned much from each.
What equipment do you use?
Roland, Korg, EMU and various software synth programs.
Anything else?
How is the current equipment setup at Giza? A: There is a blend between hardware and software. As software synths and programs evolved, they became easier and more convenient to implement. What were your concerns, if any, about using software? A: Initially, there were a few. I'm an old dog and the stability and sound quality of hardware to me was proven, so completely walking away from hardware wasn't an option for me. Today, there isn't much debate anymore about the sound quality of software synths as to compared to hardware, or the stability for that matter. You can say I'm convinced. What changed your mind? A: Working within the software and hardware world. Many musicians I know work exclusively in the software world producing some amazing tracks. Although I was impressed with what I heard, I didn't want a complete software takeover at Giza. I wanted to integrate the technology in a way that allowed me to continue to be productive and creative in the way that I like to work. So did the integration of software make it easier for you to create more effectively? A: You know, so many of these software programs are so massive, 30-40GB or larger... A lot of time is spent searching for sounds and for me I'm always looking for the right sound, the one that accentuates the emotion of the track. With that being said, I may not create more effectively but maybe more efficiently. Let's switch gears... I know that you are an admirer of almost every kind of music. Are there any current artist today that you listen to or are influenced by? A: I get curious from time to time and I'll turn on the radio to see what's going on... It's good to see artist doing their thing and making lots of money but honestly there isn't much of anything interesting going on. I'm true to my roots, the groups I admire most are still the ones who are the most interesting, the ones who seduce me with their creativity. Like who? A: So many... The usual suspects, P. Funk, Kraftwerk, Cocteau Twins, Skinny Puppy, just to name a few. These are tough acts to follow. Take Skinny Puppy... no one touches them. Still relevant thirty years after the fact. Still making hard ass tracks, thirty years after the fact, still interesting, still personifying musical creativity, thirty years after the fact. Not many groups can say that. So how do you see yourself as an artist? A: I'd like to think I'm interesting and creative. I create music for the love of creating music. For me, I don't have to concern myself with what people think or say about my music. Or how many times my songs are downloaded, or what place I have on the charts, or fighting for the rights to my own music. Sometimes, I think those would be good problems to have but it is what it is. Truth is, no one cares. The only person I have to please is myself. My world, my way.
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