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Artificial Wonders
Artificial Wonders
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People Are Looking for a New Sound
(to contact me, scroll down for my email) A note: I'm still transitioning. I will still use my male voice for my music unless I can train my upper range to the same standard. It's getting there, but it will be a while. If this bothers you, well, you don't have to listen, I guess? I will not use my voice for any collaborations or commissions. I'm also not really gonna be using this site once Depth is finished. Now that the forums are dead I'll be moving over to bandcamp and soundcloud. If there's some old copyright stuff with my male name, or dumb peddling of a "game skeleton"... it's probably gonna stay there (because whatever at this point, not like anyone uses this site). Original intro: People are looking for a new sound. I really don't know if I've succeeded at that yet, but definitely, I can try. Everything you hear on this page came from my vocal chords and my fingers. I shy away from any loops I myself did not create. Genres: Electronica - Ambient, Industrial, Game Instrumental - Film, Game, solo piano, classical I compose, play, mix, and master everything under the name Artificial Wonders. I am a solo artist and have been making music since 2006.
Band/artist history
2006 - Picked up piano for the first time since I was little. When I was a child I thought it was just boring and I hated following along with the teacher. But I liked it when I tried again later when I was a teenager. 2007 - Started a video game project (it was called Retribution) - while unsuccessful, it resulted with me meeting Nikolaidis who introduced me to FL Studio. I picked up the demo of the software and fiddled with with it for the rest of the year, producing several demos with it. 2008 - Purchased FL Studio and, later that year, a 61-key keyboard. Created several solo piano pieces, one in particular for a musical re-endition of a video game project from 2007 called Fallen Warriors a friend of mine was working with. Most importantly, I met Haven Harbinger through a friend of mine on Skype, and we worked on what would be the groundwork for the Aura project (tentatively named "Mind" at the time). Some musical standouts from that year were The Rain Part 3 Redux, Fate, and Rapture. Also participated in FAWM 2008 - my album was entitled Stories to Tell - I plan to release a remake of this album at some point in the future. 2009 - The most creative period in my life that I know of. Met Chris Fewell (who is an amazing musician and something close to a mentor, I might add), finalized many Aura tracks, created the Artificial Wonders logo, made plans to goto Nashville and work with Chris Fewell, and finally ended the Retribution project, among other things. 2010 - 2012 - school, life, etc. 2013 - Working on the Depth album. 2014 - beginning of 2016 - dumb sh*t to forget my life is wasting away in an office, but mostly wasting away in an office doing meaningless sh*t. Mid 2016 - transitioned and took the name Zoƫ. I've lost 52 pounds since October 2015 and I've lasered most of my hair. If you've seen me recently I doubt you recognized me. :u Late 2016 - Met the love of my life (Nickolas), resumed work on Depth.
Your musical influences
Any good music is capable of being inspiring.
What equipment do you use?
It changes over time but, FL Studio, m-audio keystation 88es, LS-10, A behringer mic A pair of behringer truth monitors, A pair of planar magnetic HiFiMan 400s headphones, Shure SRH840 headphones
Anything else?
if you want me to do a project for you send me a message on deviantart or ijinakashima@gmail.com. I don't really ever check my Soundclick messages. I'm not really doing art commissions, but I'd love to do some music for someone's project. Speaking of, you can find some of my art here: http://funkforthefunky.deviantart.com/
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