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9xDead - Goth Doom Metallers
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Every Day I Die
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9xDead 'Life Is Just A Lie' (Official Video)
Darker, Heavier, Hungrier.
Band/artist history
From a land steeped in harsh industrial history and ancient myth comes a new sound, a new attitude and a new force in dark music. 9xDead with a history of growth, rebirth and reinvention spanning a decade and a sound spanning genre's 9xDead explore the depths of depravity inherent in the human soul a musical mirror to the blackened hearts of the musicians within. From their early fractured gothic punk the 9xDead sound has evolved and become more brutal, more unforgiving by the year until it became the Dark Rock beast it is today. A wasteland of fury and festering malice played out on menacing vocals, razor sharp guitars, driven by absinthe soaked bass and brutal pounding drums. Live 9xDead's uncompromising take-no-prisoners show has won over audiences big and small and every show is played like their very lives depend on it. The band is has always been more than the sum of its parts, and continues to evolve and mutate a malignant disease that hopes to infect the largely barren music scene leaving it changed forever. Formed in 2001 9xDead went on to record two albums and tour up and down the UK until their eventual split in 2007. 2009 saw the re-emergence of 9xDead, initially featuring Daf's Dearson, James Taylor, ?Gary Appleby and Miff Guildford. After a short time with the Dead, Daf's decided to move on, opening up a place for the mighty Beyond, a Florida born multi-instrumentalist, to step up to the microphone and terrify audiences across the country. It was this line up that was invited to play at the prestigious Hard Rock Hell festival and it was this line up that proceeded to set records in terms of volume and attendance for an unsigned band, their uncompromising performance at Hard Rock Hell lead to the band being invited to join the bill of the inaugural Hard Rock Hell on Tour festival in Ibiza. 2010 dawned with the shock loss of Beyond through circumstances 'beyond' his control quickly followed by James leaving to pursue other musical directions. Unwilling to let the monster die, Gary & Miff wasted no time in finding new players in the macabre theatre that is 9xDead. Paul Keene and James Radford joined on guitar and the incomparable Carl Batten has filled the massive boots left by Beyond's departure. The band flew to Ibiza and once again delivered two memorable blistering performances. Demand from fans was so high that 9xDead will, for the second year running, be playing once again in front of the Hard Rock Hell faithful at Prestatyn. 2013 saw Gary stop the band. But in 2015 Adam (old member of the 9x) contacted Gary about the possibility of writing a few songs, it was then Gary decided to change from drums and go onto vocals & bass. 2015 Saw a rejuvenated 9x albeit with a musical direction change, no more hard rock, now Goth Doom Metal, something the band touched on back in 2003, but never achieved. Band is Gary - Vocals & Bass, Adam - Guitars, JJ - Drums. 9xDead will be hitting a stage near you, be afraid, beware... be there!.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play 'live' all over the UK we're hoping to get a few European shows too
Your musical influences
Life, Depression, Lust
Anything else?
We record all our music in a home studio using Logic Pro X
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