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George Longard
George Longard
halifax, Canada
October 30, 2008
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George Longard,acoustic instrumentalist / vocalist
Band/artist history
I was raised on country music in Nova Scotia ,Canada. Before the advent of television, in the small village of Bayside where I grew up , each evening almost every living room would come alive with the sweet sounds of fiddle and guitar music. Our family Mom & Dad, my sisters and myself performed regularly at the local Community Halls. Early into my singing career I was invited to entertain on one of the radio stations in Halifax Nova Scotia, about twenty miles from Bayside. From there I went on to making appearances with C.B.C. Television on the Don Messer Show, a very popular Sunday night Variety Show that featured Don and his unique style of Down East fiddle playing . This show drew a television audience of around ten million people. Throughout my life I have been singing and playing guitar on stage and in clubs and enjoying every moment. Over 100 of my many recordings features a duo of myself and my good buddy the legendary Tex Emery ,on steel guitar. Tex and I have laughed our way through many a recording session bouncing off each others one liners. Each year I look forward to performing at the annual Hank Snow Tribute, a Country Music Extravaganza ,held here in Nova Scotia, Hanks birthplace. It is truly a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to perform with great Nashville artists such as Kayton Roberts and Roger Carroll ,Hanks own Rainbow Ranch Boys. Having my own sound studio here in Halifax gives me the opportunity to promote local country talent that may not otherwise be heard.
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hank snow,marty robbins
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