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Atracktive Ent.
Atracktive Ent.
10 Tracks
Producers 4 HipHop,Pop,R&B. -All Original -Up&Coming
Atracktive Ent.- You Don't Wanit
Atracktive Ent.- Woah
Atracktive Ent.- What You Need
Atracktive Ent.- She Wanna
Atracktive Ent. Rewind
MUSIC......... It plays a role one way or another in the lives of everyone around the world. For 2 people in particular, it's as much a part of life as the ground we walk on. Joe Dorazio & Devon a.k.a. (C.o.L.o.R. B.o.Y), there couldn't of been a better path! "IT ALL STARTED...." Joe, born & raised in South Florida, like most young kids with aspirations to become a professional athlete (NBA). However, persistence, passion and practice were not enough! Having moved more times than his age, his junior year in High School had become the year of a means to an end. Realizing that his hoop dreams were not becoming a reality... So, he turned to the only one thing besides sports that can fuel the desires deep inside himself to become something bigger than himself. To succeed in something where most give up. Beat the odds. Live not in mediocrity, but of positive influence to many. Make an impact. Make history.......... MAKE MUSIC! "FaSt FoRwArD"----- Finishing his last 2 years of High School (2005) in Daytona Beach, Fl. Joe teamed up with fellow producer/songwriter C.o.L.o.R. B.o.Y. to establish the blueprint their future. A vision of a music production that would work their way into the industry as a force to be reckoned with. Fusing hiphop,pop and r&b in such a way to coin the phrase "Atracktive" to symbolize individuality, uniqueness and the constant evolution of change in music. They stand as a product of a new up-&-coming generation. After High School, Joe left to Audio Engineering School, to possess the necessary "tech" skills and "behind the scenes" knowledge of how music ticks to progress the company forward. Atracktive Ent. is a reality...... "Presently"....... Now residing in Charlotte,Nc as a home away from home. "It's almost an untapped market here...." Joe says, "We feel it's a place to creatively get more experimental, and not be distracted and have an influence of the local/state style or sound into our music. We're all about being in our own lane and be compared to none. However, there's influence of alot of people, but with our own twist!" (smiles) "The Atracktive logo describes everything about what we stand for." C.o.L.o.R. B.o.Y. says. "We have our own world like most creative people, but what we try to bring to the table with our music, like foreign goods, we want create something unlike what you typically get unless it's from us direct!" As the two look forward to bright path before them, progression seems inevitable as the two are currently working on a list of projects for film,tv,ringtones etc. These two innovative young talents hint of ventures beyond the music realm. "We definitly have some ideas cooking up for a website that would be profitable for any individual. Can't give anymore than that"....(laughs) C.o.L.o.R. B.o.Y. says "scripts for some movies, car customizations. Alot, but it's all revolved around the music that's the heart and soul of what we do. And music's first. We're still new in the game, and have a long track list to establish for ourselves in the business. We're in it for longevity, do what we're really passionate about, and as long as we give the listeners what's Atracktive, everything else will come"........
Have you performed in front of an audience?
When I'm with an artist yeah, but not at any gigs in particular. I play by ear.
Your musical influences
Timbaland, Danjahandz, Teddy Riley, Quincy Jones,Devonte(Jodeci), The Neptunes, Just Blaze, Kanye West, Diddy, Ryan Leslie, Dr. Dre, Polow Da Don, Mannie Fresh, Lil' Jon, Jim Johnson, The Runners, Cool&Dre, Bangladesh,Pk, Tricky Stewert, The Dream, Dj Toomp, Jr Rotem Jim Jonsin, and many more.................
What equipment do you use?
Roland Fantom X6, Pro Tools LE, VST'S, Me, myself & I
Anything else?
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