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I Am The Mighty Jungulator
I Am The Mighty Jungulator
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Hyperdelic Space Munt Stuporgroup
Sunshine of Your Load
I Am The Mighty Jungulator (the band Private Eye magazine called 'immortal') extend the parameters of live sample processing using the generative potency of our our eponymous audio engine (described as 'the sonic philosophers stone' by Future Music magazine). After ages of heavy programming, sobbing, sulking and shouting, I Am The Mighty Jungulator finally does what it says on the tin, delivering that rare electro-acoustic-interplay-of-analogue-digital-with-zero-latency that we were always promising; fingers, strings, and wood, captured and instantly shaped into glistening electronic textures and that, all intertwining and interacting with each other's audio vapour trails as the human musicians try and keep up. Within this new responsive, improvised continuum thingy, the band (which in our case is whichever köllection of künts happen to be in the room) are free to steer the music in any number of structured or random directions (like riding a drugged bull across a building site), whilst the jungulator keeps everything in tune and in time. The only problem is that the music evolves faster than we can record it (its like that cake the womens institute make that keeps growing in your fridge). The phenomenal live-sampling power was unveiled at Joanna McGregors' re-vamped Bath International Music Festival on 2nd June 2006, since when we've been jigging and gigging around and about, doing a few re-scores here, a handful of festivals there, little boutiquey tings over yonder......and LOTS of recording. Watch this space for upcoming ting innit...
Band/artist history
Oh God Yes. (We don't like to dwell on it though)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yup. Wherever they'll let us: Playing in a room full of paintings at the Tate Britain, re-imagining Shostakovich's Sixth at the Colston Hall, supporting Tangerine Dream at the ICA, Spacerock improv at the V&A, Silent movie re-scores in Bristol and Bordeaux, impromptu extemporisations in anarchist bars on the Catalan coast, repeatedly rocking the Blackout tent at Ashton Court, Open-air city gigs here and there, Basement bars in Edinburgh, people's living rooms anywhere, DJ/VJ bollocky bollox at various clubs and that, the odd radio session, etc. Yes, we like it.
Your musical influences
The Good Stuff.
What equipment do you use?
anything we can lay our hands on...
Anything else?
We use our own software, also called I Am The Mighty Jungulator. You can download it for free, if you can find the link...
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