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Mac Vellie
Mac Vellie
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121 Tracks
Steal Rotten live at Peabodys
facebook.com/macvellie Mac Vellie one of Ohios hottest hip hop artist.Known for his partaking in forming the groups Immortal Flow (Mac Vellie, Tru Revolutionary, Core e-z) and Steal Rotten (Mac Vellie, Killa Kraze, and Lee Booth) With over 100 tracks Mac is well known. From Cleveland Ohio and moved to Lorain county Mac is known for his underground swag, Puttin on other artist. He is a huge part of the music in Ohio area. Alias Mac is know as the State Representive...underground president. Releasing cds with both groups, and also ft. on many other artist mixtapes. Any artist or label interested in more contact Mac Vellie right here on soundclick,facebook or even myspace. Thanks to all the fans..even bigger thanks to the hatters..
Band/artist history
Google search Mac Vellie Youtube search Steal Rotten cds we put out. freedom of speech groupie scarface music no time to waste hustla'z never sleep n sleepers never hustle. kings of cobras steal rotten mixtape vol.1 steal rotten mixtape vol.2 steal rotten mixtape vol.3 state represenative other cds Mac is ft. on Killa Kraze -who run this game Killa Kraze- apostle Josh muh fuckin Eastery- J.M.F.E Lee Booth- kardaic kid and a bunch of mixtapes
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Mac Vellie has preformed to many times to count. Peabodys, Phantasy, Agora, Brew Keeper, Hi Fi, even did a concert at the c.w.a Cleveland Wrestling area for Ohio undergrond wrestlers. special moments...every moment is special. my first show 3 years ago to the show i have coming up. Always something amazing.
Your musical influences
Influences....to many to name in the music business.. aside that..god..my son and my life inflence my music
What equipment do you use?
adobe addition m audio pre amp condencer mic
Anything else?
facebook.com/macvellie youtube search steal rotten http://www.spreaker.com/page#!/show/the_alioto_show ---- live radio show. artist AND fans tune in. you dont want to miss the hottest internet radio show
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