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jim blachura
jim blachura
winston salem, NC  USA
October 27, 2008
737,735 plays
When I was 22 a young lawyer took one of my songs and put it on the B' side of his recording of Ave Maria. He invited me to watch the recording session at Criteria in Miami, Florida. Since that moment all I have ever wanted was to have my music recorded by professional musicians and sung by established artists. This truly is a monumental task as I do not perform live so I have recorded my own material as a means to get exposure and as a way for artists to be able to judge the cover worth of my songs. I am looking for a publishing deal. Contact Info: Jim Blachura C/O Stablesongs Phone: 336 995 0813 E Mail: saintlymanmusic@yahoo.com Saintly Man Music /ASCAP
Band/artist history
I have been at this for 50 years. Whether it is a contemporary Christian song, gospel or alternative country, music should be fun and involved wrapping the sounds around a simple idea. All of my music is built around that one simple theme. The memories of the soul and the voices of marketplace.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, but the organist, Mike, and I played 10 hours live each weekend...he was a musical genius who wrote one of our hymns...he had perfect pitch and added a rhythm section and the beautiful touch of a bell celeste! The other instrumentalists came to one or two of the sessions each weekend. I played guitar and each time we played we added something new or heard something we could change or do differently...now I try to write over a long period of time to let all the different sounds materialize...'time' takes the place of 'playing together' to come up with the nuances.
Your musical influences
Everything from the late 50's to the late 90's...I listen constantly to the songs I like that were popular in their day and try to emulate the licks and sounds weaving them into my own music
What equipment do you use?
(as far as I am concerned, my guitars are far more valuable to ME than what the "market" says, which is a bonus for me, really, cause I didn't have to pay out the nose for them and they all provide the required sounds I look for.) I have my basses go through an Ampeg SVT 200T head (c. 1988) plugged into a BSE 410 HLF cabinet (with the bass port) My guitars play through Behringer V-Tone GM 108 linked with an indestructible no name 10 speaker housed in a Rogue cab (this Rogue combo amp is not made anymore but has normal and overdrive plus reverb and cost about $99)I play them in tandem or the 10 by itself for different sounds. My basses are a Hohner acoustic/electric HAB 50SB (c. 1996), a baby Hofner (Ignition) violin bass, a Ric 4003 (2004) fireglo, a Fender fretless Jazz bass (standard) and a Squier 5-string Precision (2013) (flatwounds on the Hofner & Fender jazz) Acoustic guitars: Guild GAD 30 Natural Orchestra and an Epiphone Jumbo EJ-200 Electric: A Gretsch Electromatic hollow body double cutaway 5120 with a Bigsby vibrato A Fender telecaster (not factory made but assembled with all Fender parts) A Lotus (c. 1985) Les Paul knock-off with Duncan hunbuckers and a select switch for single coil preference A Behringer strat knock-off
Anything else?
I use a computer program called Magix which was so inexpensive it was like stealing but it does everything I need from instrument embellishment to sheet music.
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