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Fresh Bucks
Fresh Bucks
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Fresh, innovative, original, cool, raw, lyrical, uncut
There is a new presence emerging quickly in the Hip-Hop community, Fresh a young and ambitious artist hailing from Winter Haven, Florida. In a day of saturated music and a lack of lyricism Fresh is showing to be a new breed of an artist, covering each feature an artist should encompass. The South is constantly attacked and has been deemed to have no real lyricist. Fresh does not think that is the case, he stated in response to a recent interview question, "There are a lot of artist in the South that are lyricist myself included, and there are a lot of them that could be lyricist but the question is would you still listen?" While many artist are one dimensional and cannot work outside of a commercial element, or the most common drug dealing story that's been told for many years, Fresh has experienced many things in his short span of living that equip him to relate with any listener. From the street listeners, the struggling looking for an escape, females looking for praise, and clubbers there is an arsenal of songs present in his discography for them all. His music has been accepted and embraced tightly within the local market and throughout the state of Florida. Fresh is currently working independently on his fore coming album, "House Keeper" which is projected to hit the market in the early months of 2009. It will be available via ITunes, Napster music, Amazon Music, and many more online venues as well as regional mom and pop stores. In addition to the album Fresh is also working on a mix tape, "Make Way" hosted by DJ Vlad that is slated to release at the end of November of 2008. Fresh is also still selling units of his June 3rd release entitled, "Mouth of the South" which sold out within a month's time of its release. Yet Fresh is not focusing on the recent releases, "I feel like the things I'm working on with my new mix tape and new album are ready to be pressed up and put into stores, Mouth of the South was just a warm up, this is my victory lap!" Fresh's music has been praised by the likes of Chevy P former member of Field Mob, Killer Mike, and JT Money just to mention a few but there is no end in sight for this young and focused artist. Like many Fresh came from an environment corrupt with dirty money and drugs. While both of his parents and four brothers were there to guide him and steer him away from the streets temporarily it was bound to happen. Fresh now resides in Ocala, FL. where for years he made it as a small hustler, but this life is not glorified in his music. He was never satisfied with just getting by, and living the average life style, something was missing. Fresh always had a way with words, he inked a book at the tender age of twelve, and always wrote poetry. One day a former counter part introduced him to the studio. Every since he has been an unstoppable force, dropping his first mix tape in 2001, "Paper Route" Yet he still had not found what made him different, what set him apart from any other rapper, until 2006 when he lost his Grandfather. Music was his exit, music became his passion, and that same passion and hunger leaks through every track of every song he makes now. "The grind is my home, and I aint never leaving. I got everything I need right here, God, myself, and my microphone."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yea I play live hit me up and let me know when you paying!
Your musical influences
2Pac Biggie Field Mob Lil Wayne Andre 3000 Big Boi Young Dro N.W.A Big L And anybody kickin that real shit.
What equipment do you use?
Shure Mic, Korg M3 keyboard, 16 bus mixer, Apple Macbook Pro!
Anything else?
Rumors, Lies, & Mixtapes comin in November!