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Maxine Hopkins Etheridge
Maxine Hopkins Etheridge
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Prophetess Maxine Etheridge is the founder of N-Her Healings a woman's ministry of reconciliation, taken from Psalms 147:3. She speaks and sings and has sang am
Prophetess Maxine and her nephew
Introducing God's Mouthpiece, and gospel recording artist, songwriter, prophetic worship psalmist, and witness for the Lord Jesus ChristThe Elect Lady I Am Prophetess Maxine Etheridge. Born in the Big Apple, and raised in the Peach State, Prophetess Maxine Etheridge actively shares her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ through ministry channels of word, song, and products. Prophetess Etheridge is the founder of N-Her Healings, taken from Psalms 147:3; it is a ministry of wellness clinics designed to heal, strengthen and recruit handmaidens of the Lord. She also founded W.W.A.V.V.V (Women with a voice vision & victory) which is a Tele-empowerment ministry designed to empower women of influence how to use the voice, write vision, and walk in the victory that God has ordained for them. In 2014 Prophetess Etheridge found A.G.E.D Women, which is a community outreach program designed to teach young women How To! Prophetess Maxine Etheridge aim and mission in life is to love and be loved, reach out and win souls, and to lose none of all that the Lord sends her way in this lifetime. Prophetess Etheridge gift has made room for her to walk through doors of opportunities. Among these opportunities was the privilege of sharing, as well as, singing on the same platform with and among some of the more well-known names in the gospel arena such as: Bishop T.D. Jakes Dorinda Clark Cole, (The Daughters of Deborah Conference Augusta GA. New Life C.O.G.I.C) Dottie Peeples, (Augusta GA. Bell Auditorium), Douglas Miller (New Life C.O.G.I.C), Kurt Carr (Fort Gordon GA.) Rev. Timothy Flemings (Senior Pastor of The Mt Carmel Baptist Church Upper Room Conference Atl. GA) which also included the following artists and speakers Clarence McClendon, Walter Hawkins, Lemmie Battles, &Trinity 5:7.
Band/artist history
I have been singing since the age of 17
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do not play live, nor do I play an instrument, I either buy tracks or create the beat myself
Your musical influences
I use to have musical influences but since I stopped listening to radio, the only one I am influenced by musically is the Holy Ghost and the Word
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
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