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Infected Beats
Infected Beats
27 Tracks
Infected Beats, formerly Pool Table Productions (PTP)/Fluid Entertainment. NOTE: Beats that are sold are removed from this page at buyer request. Only exclu
New beats coming 2014! First beat "String Theory" posted 6/9/2014. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Infected Beats!!! HOT ASS BEATS FREE FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT!!!! ---CONTACT--- E-Mail: aphropuf@hotmail.com Phone: Available upon request, contact by email first ---NOTICE--- -Songs may be downloaded and listened for free. You must purchase the beat to use it for any type of monetary gain. -Beats that are sold are removed from this page at buyer request. -Only exclusive rights are sold, no leases unless we work out a deal. -Even with exclusive rights sold, you must credit Infected Beats at this website url (http://www.soundclick.com/InfectedBeats). ---COPYRIGHT INFORMATION--- All beats in their current uploaded form are Copyright Infected Beats in the year they were made (currently 2007-2012, marked on each individual song's page). All Rights Reserved unless otherwise noted. NOTE: Some older beats may be labelled and/or voice tagged with Mister E, PTP, Pool Table Productions, Fluid Entertainment or Fluid E-N-T. These are all owned by Infected Beats.
Band/artist history
First started out with two friends, one of whom is $kandalou$ of A.M.P. Entertainment, as Pool Table Productions (PTP). We created a few beats and put them on myspace, but never really were serious about it. A few months later, our friend lost interest and $kandalou$ went his own way towards producing and rapping on his own tracks for A.M.P. I chose to keep producing as an amateur hobby under the name Fluid Entertainment, later changing it to Infected Beats after discovering that there was a brand new startup indie game development company with the same name. I chose Infected Beats after about five minutes of thought, and never really put any more thought into it than that. My first beats were terrible quality but had good melodies, because I didn't know what the hell I was doing, and self taught myself how to produce beats. Later after breaking from PTP my quality went up as I learned, but I lost interest myself over time, and the overall quality of the beats dropped off late 2011-early 2012, despite sounding much higher quality than my earlier stuff. I haven't produced any new beats in 2013 yet, but I plan to start again soon, now that I have my own house and car and more free time when not working.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Produce only currently.
Your musical influences
Dr. Dre, Lil Jon, Alchemist, Jus Blaze, Timbaland, Scott Storch... As far as soundclick goes, definitely SINIMA, greatest producer on this site
What equipment do you use?
Software: (more coming soon) FL Studio 9 XXL Producer's Edition Acid Pro 7.0 Mixvibes Pro Acoustica Beatcraft Acoustica Mixcraft
Anything else?
I plan to start producing again soon. Any other amateur producers want to work with me? Hit me up at aphropuf@hotmail.com or through soundclick!
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