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The Styop Quoons Experience
The Styop Quoons Experience
Denver, CO  USA
October 10, 2008
Alright, folks. Let's lay it on the line here. I just have one question for you, and one question only. Are you ready to get kicked in the dick? Because if you're not ready to get kicked in the dick, and I mean good and hard, then you are in the wrong place, let me tell you. If there is one thing you need to understand about Styop Quoons, it is this: Styop Quoons is going to kick you in the dick. Now, maybe you've been kicked in the dick once or twice, and you think that you can take it. Big mistake. For the sake of your loved ones, who would doubtlessly take their own lives when they learned of your unfortunate and untimely demise, please do not take this warning lightly, I implore you. Styop Quoons is going to kick you in the dick like you have never been kicked in the dick before.
Band/artist history
Styop Quoons first began recording music at the age of seventeen, with his original band Yuumni Tharegean Productions. The band consisted primarily of Quoons himself performing synthesizer overdubs and vocals, with occasional collaborations with friends on various instruments. YTP produced a total of four albums over the course of two years: Yuumni Tharegean Productions (2000), "N" (2000), American Testicles of the Cow (2001), and Artificial Insemination (2002) before the project was discontinued, and Quoons went into hiatus. The albums were released completely D.I.Y., and had extremely limited distribution, but were fairly well received within certain circles. The band's most notable success was the single "The Ballad of Frankie D.", a low-budget industrial song which made light of the rather obvious hairpiece of Columbine High School principal Frank DeAngelis (yes, I am talking about "that" Columbine). After graduating from high school, Quoons spent the next five years working various dead-end jobs and pretending to go to college, until in late 2007 he once again began to write and record original music, this time under his own name. The first recordings of this period were the avant-garde instrumental pieces "Sweaty Boot Rash" and "Bukakke", which were originally released as downloads on his website. In December of 2007, Quoons established Muffin Records, an independent online-only recording label, as a means of distributing his own music and that of his friends, including the reclusive yet brilliant composer/tuba virtuoso "Creamy" Alfredo Hendrix-Cobain, and the forerunner of the burgeoning post-listenable music movement, Sir Runcible Spoone. The Styop Quoons Experience released its first album, Crappy Electronic Music for the Mind & Body, in September of 2008. Quoons' next project, That Tasty Fish Sandwich, is currently in development and will hopefully be released sometime in 2009.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Once. In my room. Everyone booed me offstage. But I will have my revenge.
Your musical influences
Frank Zappa, The Residents, The Gluey Brothers, Madlib, DJ Spooky, Marilyn Manson, The Vandals, Kid Cruiser, Flappy Gunderson, MC Chris, Yuumni Tharegean Productions.
What equipment do you use?
My cheap-ass warlock guitar with the Totoro sticker on the back. Also, my laptop. Also, my balls.
Anything else?