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Maryland & Washington D.C. Rap Artist, Producer, & Song Writer.. Homeslice of the Twelfth Street Mob...
If thats just the way it is
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Deuce & Homeslice
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Underground Anthem
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My Smoke Song Remix
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Who stole my subwoofer
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What's up everyone, this is my soundclick page with a few new and old joints. I have alot more but I can't just give away all my songs for free. If you want to purchase one of my albums hit me up on JesseJohnson2006@gmail.com . Most of the songs on soundclick are not mastered but I do have mastered tracks and full CD's I've made. I'm doing this underground rap shit for now it's the best way to make a profit off my music. Record Labels suck all the money out and dont give you shit. Unless you are willing to set-up a nice deal, than email me. So far I have made 8 CD's... 1.First Impression, 2. Second Chances, 3. The Come Up, 4.Hot Out The Kitchen, 5. Life Of A Soldier, 6.The Best Without Tryin, 7.There's A Monster In My Pocket, & 8.Gettin Mines I will be updating my page when I get the opportunity...I stay very busy I am enlisted in the US Army... Also check out my spityogame page at http://www.spityogame.com/homeslice And my myspace at http://www.myspace.com/homeslice!!!! LEAVE ME SOME COMMENTS MAN I ALWAYS APPRECIATE THE LOVE N FEEDBACK Holla at ya boy
Band/artist history
http://www.spityogame.com/homeslice check it out
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah I've played live in Germany Clubs such as the M.A.D (Music Action Dance) located in Schweinfurt, Germany, and the Megadrome also in Schweinfurt, 2 small clubs but I'm in the Army so I aint had much of a choice, I also rapped in some karaoke bars back home in Maryland, I look forward to some big performances hopefully in the future!!
Your musical influences
My influences are people who battle rap and one in particular is Epimetheus AKA Crystal Meth, who some claim got killed but no one is quite sure, his vocabulary, flow, and multi-rhyming is great, another influence is Chopped & Screwed Music, and getting drunk, it helps me relax and the skipping and slow voices makes me concentrate on what im doing..
What equipment do you use?
Acid Pro 5.0 (better than 6.0) Blue Snowball USB Mic Fruity Loops XXL 7.0
Anything else?
Shout out to J-Nice doin his thing in Maryland myspace.com/jnicemd, check out his jams 2
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