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A brand new unit, of hot rap acts, hot songs, videos and much more
Dream come true FEAT: Scott Summer aka Story
Peak in sub-genre #48
From the streets of Grand Rapids Michigan started this year by first artist/CEO Delphian ( free style battle champ)and Chris Taylor, was created Critical Flatline inc,.After sitting down with SONY RECORDS and working out number's as just a artist he noticed that the industry did not have my best interest at hand. He have talked with Diddy from BadBoy Records, He learned from some of the well known A&R's in the game and put together Critical Flatline Inc,. Germaine from Arista often dropped knowlegde on me about the current state of music, and me being the sponge he is soaked it up. He also met along my travels a young Edward Johnson whom with his degree in Marketing helped spark so many new and refreshing Idea's on how to promote himself and other artist. that soon sparked interest from story the real Scott Summers all the way down in Atlanta. Scott was so impressed that he moved from Atlanta down to Michigan with his studio. He then help a studio and local radio station with music and sound equipment. Once him and DDS connect it it was like magic they started producing all types of music.
Band/artist history
Always welcoming networking connections building brand names fan bases and followings.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes we love to perform live..all the fans give us so much love...and we will perform any where...special moment for me (Delphian) i would say all my free style battle in the pass...i gained fans so quick like that...
Your musical influences
U can expect the unexpected with this rap, hip hop label
What equipment do you use?
The best for our projects
Anything else?
Band Members:Sherman McLaughlin CEO (first artist) Delphian Christipher Taylor CEO and Edward johnson "EDDIE J" General manager Webdesigner: Long Hai Nguygen Groups: Doomsquad---- Pyro, Astrology, Grim, Marvelous Blackblood---- Killa klaw, E Artists: Delema, Dre-1, Keyonna, Raw Talent, Coleon, Traze-Blaze, Seven Producers: Lokey, 2sic, Mike, Kartochoe, Jimmy Technical consultant: Russell l. Plus extended members Victor Williams, Cynthia Smith, Janice Brown, Video production team etc Story the real Scott Summers.