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Roberto Donati
Roberto Donati
COMPOSER My compositions are mainly for soundtracks, but also with Rock, Pop, and Western passages
Tell me about your history? How did you get where you are now?
Maestro Roberto Donati was born and raised in Italy in the glorious sixties. As a guitarist/singer he ended up forming a wide variety of bands playing a broad spectrum of musical genres like Rock, Pop, R&B and Country & Western. Many of his songs were recorded as singles on the Belldisc label in the late sixties and seventies. With all this experience under his belt Mr. Donati then devoted himself to the composition of soundtracks. These were all recorded under the pseudonym Budy and were often collaborations with Maria Fiamma Maglione (who sadly passed away from cancer in 2003) thus the name Budy Maglione was born. Working with different directors (including legendary director Umberto Lenzi) he has written music for films in various genres including Italian comedy, erotic, western & horror. Highlights include "APACHE WOMAN & ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON (1976), "EMANUELLE e LOLITA (1978), "EATEN ALIVE (1980), "CANNIBAL FEROX (1981) and DAUGHTER OF THE JUNGLE (1982). These compositions made him an established player in the Italian soundtrack scene and for which he received international praise, just like his contemporaries FABIO FRIZZI and RIZ ORTOLANI.
Have you performed live in front of an audience? Any special memories?
Yes, many years ago ;-)
Your musical influences
Beat, Rock, R & B, Pop, Country & Western, Jazz...
What equipment do you use?
Gibson ES-335, Fender Telecaster, Rickrnbacker 360, Fender Precision Bass, Gibson LP Studio, Gretsch 5420T
Anything else?
You can listen to my work in all digital stores