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Carmen Perez
Carmen Perez
5 Tracks
Pop, R&B with a Latin Dance Flavor - Think a combination of Janet Jackson, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez & Nelly Furtado
Carmen Perez was born October 25, 1980, in Bronx, New York and moved to Puerto Rico at the age of 10. She joined the U.S. Army when she was just 17 years old, being stationed in Germany & South Korea. Shortly after being discharged, she entered the acting world. Carmen Perez has made great strides with her acting career since earning a Best Supporting Actress award for her portrayal in Soldiers Dont Cry (by the Valley Theatre League Artistic Director Achievement (ADA) Awards), which was also nominated for a NAACP Award. She was recently seen in Illegal Tender, co-starring on Everybody Hates Chris and starring on The Shield. In 2009, she will be seen in feature films Hes Just Not That Into You (Drew Barrymore), The Rig, Not Forgotten (w/Simon Baker) Locker 13 and Irene In Time. Carmen Perezs new single EMERGENCY with Dauman Music/Universal Music Group was recently #5 at PerfectBeat.com on its 2nd week, just 2 spots below Madonna. EMERGENCY was co-written by Carmen herself, J & Sweet, also co-writers of HIT Love Dont Cost a Thing (J. Lo), Ellis Miah (who has written, produced and remixed such artists as Hannah Montana, Seal, Back Street Boys and Jennifer Lopez) and Billboard Charter singer/ song-writer & celebrity vocal coach Kyle Puccia. Both her albums CARMEN & EMERGENCY are available to listen at her MySpace Music Page & to purchase on ITUNES. She has also guest starred in shows such as FXs Nip/Tuck and Showtimes Barbershop, has been on soaps General Hospital and Port Charles and she has taken the leap to writing, singing and songwriting while maintaining longevity on the acting side. MUSIC: www.myspace.com/carmenperezmusic OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.carmenperez.us
Have you performed in front of an audience?
For the first time YES, on October 11th, 2008 at The Brick Nightclub in Pomona, California. It's dance music at a dance club so we'll see how that goes!
Your musical influences
A combination of Janet Jackson, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez & Nelly Furtado
What equipment do you use?
My Vocals
Anything else?
Acting has been a fulfilling career for me but I truly love singing just as much or maybe even a little more... I feel like I can always be creating music & it's liberating... I love it.
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