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Godz Glory
Godz Glory
14 Tracks
Godz Glory: The Talent is God's Blessing so HE recieves the glory!
I'm making beats for fun, I desire to do more with my music, but I enjoy making beats as a pasttime and also as a creative outlet. Something that is quick, easy, and not too incredibly hard to pull off. I enjoy making instrumentals because it helps to exercise the talent God has given me!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do and will play live. Beat making is not my life, it is just a hobby I have that stems from my deep blessing of musical inclination. I've played piano for 15 years, french horn for 4, trumpet for 3, guitar for 4, anything and everything I can play.
Your musical influences
I enjoy many different aspects of music. Of course, anything involving the piano would be of first desire for me. Stevie Wonder, for one, although you can't exactly hear that through beats haha. I appreciate all types of music and their own unique idiosyncracies, but only GOOD MUSIC! I listen to Lecrae, Flame, Trip Lee, Pettidee; if the song is christian, I listen to it. I mostly listen to christian rap, however.
What equipment do you use?
Laptop, Pro Tools, DIGI Mini Box, Yamaha Mo6. If its live, then its a 1905 Chickering Grand, and an assortment of guitars I use.
Anything else?
Thank you for reading my information and taking the time to listen to my beats! I appreciate all forms of critisism, so don't mind shooting me an email telling me what I can do better! Soon, I'll probably have actual "songs" more of a soul genre or whatnot, we'll see where God takes me in music!
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