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Johnny Fubar
Johnny Fubar
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Weird alternative songs for quirky people There are some strange ones here... Some better than others though as my very early efforts are included too.
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Klaatu Barada Nikto -Mike Watt w killer bass part!
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Alternative and quirky songs for quirky people. I am looking for others in the Hartford area to jam with. A drummer, bass player and another guitar player would be nice! Ideally, just people who enjoy playing without pretense and will be available at least one weekend day per week. I would like to learn a nice one-hour party set of originals and Ramones etc covers. Email me!!! Also, anyone interested in contributing via the internet, let me know. Anyone out there who is interested can email me.
Band/artist history
I started playing in 1995, but quit a couple of months later and sold my Am Std Strat, which I still regret. Any way, I started again in 1999 and have been able to keep it up to a reasonable degree. I bought a cheap Raven electric guitar on Ebay for $100 and practiced. The Raven is actually built nice, just need new hardware and electronics... Back to the subject at hand... I play all parts myself and would be happy to find a bass player and drummer (and a vocalist) with similar backgrounds for writing and fun playng... and practicing. I now use a customized Mex Strat now that I have sold all my expensive guitars... I still want a Ric 12 string.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Looking for folks to jam with... Then, maybe. Probably my backyard and other backyard. e would drink and shoot-up and party until we die... Well, not really...
Your musical influences
Ramones, Cracker, Camper van Beethoven, Beatles, Refreshments, fIREHOSE, Minutemen, White Stripes, Vines and tons of other stuff...
What equipment do you use?
Mostly metal and wood stuff, some with wires and plugs... (Update:) I recently added some plastic stuff too! Actually, I love my Echo Gina 24/96. I use a Boss BR-8 as an interface into the Gina. I get a pretty decent sound out of it. I run the guitar through a POD 2.0, into the BR-8 and into the Gina and record with Cool Edit Pro 1.2. CEP is VERY intuitive! Great stuff.
Anything else?
I used to be a photojournalist and now I work at Travelers at a desk. That blows but at least I can afford stuff now. I use music to get my creative fix. I still shoot but only my personal work... I have several gallery exhibitions planned. Email for info on my photography.
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KHAN-Midnight Sun
"Labass" - Guitar rap beat (prod by Owl Prods)
Malicious (Pop Smoke, 808 Mafia type of beat)
No One Lonely