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LynchMuzik Records
LynchMuzik Records
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DramaChild, DramaChild The Bizness, LynchMusik, LynchMuzik, rap, hip hop, underground, unsigned, vicious, muderous, best rapper alive, hottest rapper on the wes
I go by the name DramaChild, which fits my personality so well. When I took on the task of deciding my "rap name," I had only one choice. I started off as a solo artist after completing a collection of poems I wrote called "Emotions of a Broken Heart." Instead of crawling first, I took off running. I have created a reptutaion for myself in Bakersfield for consistancy in my songs, and I kinda snuck under the radar when most of our local rappers are feuding over who is king, I am letting my music speak for itself. I am ready to take my career to the next level, i.e. (shows, features) matter fact, I need a deal!!! Check me out at wemix.com/dramachild and myspace.com/lynchmusik. I really want to get my city behind me, so, if you are from Bakersfield, you can contact me at getdrama@gmail.com to get a free copy of the demo. I am making the strides necessary to make it to the top, and with your support, I know I can get there. I am an April baby and a die hard Cowboys fan. When I was in high school, I did the sports thing. I was actually kinda good too, but, God had a plan for me to rap and every decision I have made, whether it led to good or bad, brought me to music. I wouldn't change anything for the world because half the fun is gettin there. See you at the top.......
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not yet, but I'm ready to start doing shows.
Your musical influences
I grew up listening to everybody but didn't know early on why I didn't like 'em. As the years went by I realized that Twista, Ludacris, and T.I. are the best models for rap due to consistancy and creativity.
What equipment do you use?
A pen and pad.
Anything else?
Check me out at wemix.com/dramachild and myspace.com/lynchmusik
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