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Noble Rippa is an artist inspired by old school Hip Hop. He comes at music with a unique & creative perspective using his skills in poetry to take the listener
Freeing my mind
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Back Against The Wall
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Noble Rippa performing Edumication
I am a unique artist. I don't try to copy anyone's sound or be any particular way other than myself. Honestly I didn't like music at first...especially rap music. I just kept to myself(as best I could with people constantly starting trouble with me) and wrote poetry all the time. I have always been the type of person to go against the grain, so when I learned about Hip Hop and it's history it began to take hold of my interest. I really didn't start "rapping" until my cousins on the west coast asked me to do the New Years spit with them. I feel in love with it. It was just a great feeling to be able to express yourself out loud rather than quietly on paper like you do with poetry. It was so good to release everything I had been holding in for so long. My way of thinking is very much different from everyone else. I have always been that oddball, outcast or whatever you want to call me, but I feel like that is my gift. It allows me to bring a whole new perspective & something different to the lives of others.
Band/artist history
William Noble R. Young was born in Baltimore, MD on Oct. 9, 1988. He struggled in life as a lone wolf growing up with a single mother. He didnt get along with his peers well and eventually began to get involved in different street groups and gangs. On New Years of 2005 Nobles cousins convinced him to do a freestyle and he fell in love with Rap. In the beginning his lyrics were extremely violent & gang related. He mainly freestyled, until a conversation he had over myspace through the page of Lil Eazy-e. At this point Noble began writing free verses about how he felt. As Noble grew he became interested in Malcolm X and the Black Panthers. His personality and music slowly started to mold into the ideas represented by these groups. In 2008 Noble decided to become serious about his music and was introduced to the club scene of performing by Shy Lady heroine. Within 3 months Noble wrote and recorded his first Album, Darkness in my Life under the name Grim Rippa. His songs received a lot of love from the west coast and he began to be compared to Tupac Shakur. At this point Noble became curious and decided to listen to Tupac for the first time. His similarity to Tupac as a person caused Noble to fall in love with his music and this would lead to his next stage as an artist. Nobles introduction to Tupac later led to him listening to artists such as Rakim, Mos Def, KRS One and Common. These new inspirations made him not only want to understand Hip Hop and the art of an Emcee, but he also became interested in his history and community. Noble was no longer just a rapper, but he had become an Emcee. A new artist was born with the desire to bring something completely new to the music scene.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have done many shows around Baltimore and I have performed several times in New York. I think the greatest moment was performing @ a youth event. I did not expect to get the love I received from a group of people so young & I felt like I really did something good for them. It changed my whole outlook on what I should do with my music.
Your musical influences
Life influences me. The children, the people I see in struggle, Tupac, Rakim, KRS One. Everything about life & love. All of my mental pursuits. Everything I see & feel around me influences my music.
What equipment do you use?
My mind, heart, computer, & microphone.
Anything else?
I am all about Hip Hop. I don't support what is on the radio or any artists with a sound or content like what is on the radio. I enjoy helping people(as long as it isn't detrimental to my happiness) and I enjoy working with other artists(Not just music artists), but we have to be on the same page mentally. Keep your head up & keep following your dreams. Never give up no matter what. I wish you the best regardless of whether I will meet you out there as a friend or enemy.
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