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Jordan Woollen
Jordan Woollen
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The music here widely ranges everywhere from hard hitting, trance-like, chemical beats...to liquid, electro-organic, beat-speak. Imagine if Pink Floyd and The B
'The LuvCat' Performed at Celebrate Life by Jordan
Jordan Woollen - Keyboards, guitar, samplers, synths, MIDI, audio I've been producing since 1993 and have performed for crowds of over 3,000 people. My music has been licensed to clients such as MTV, MTV2, VH1, Fox Sports, & SPSO and has been featured on shows such as Pimp My Ride, Punk'd, Date My Mom, Your Face or Mine, Next, Parental Control, One Bad Trip, Making the Video (Beyonce Knowles, Kanye West), Hawks Live! (pre & post game), etc. I also have scoring credits on Short and Feature length films such as "Camjackers" (camjackers.com), "Going" (LAFCO.tv), etc. I produce alternative, experimental electronica with melodic layers of acoustic, electronic and vocal textures. Always unpredictable with BIG beats. -------------------------------------------- The music here widely ranges everywhere from hard hitting, trance-like, chemical beats...to liquid, electro-organic, beat-speak. Imagine if Pink Floyd and The Beatles had an electronic band with Weird Al on the drums, Einstein on the sequencer, and the Cheetos cat jivin on the bass in the back with shades.
Band/artist history
The purpose of CL is to reach out to the underground culture and promote positive awareness through freedom of expression. We've watched our scene grow in many ways in the past. Most of us started out as a Vic's vapo-rubbin', pacifier suckin', speaker junkie. It was all new to us then. It was so different and that's why we loved it. It gave us a sense of who we were in this world together as one. Many of us have grown now. Some of us fell out of the scene and wonder what the hell it all meant. And some of us are now working for the scene. Creating for another new comer the beauty we experienced then. And now that we're all older and grown up, we realize that burrying our heads in a bass bin for self stimulation doesn't really make our problems go away. And even though it's all hugs and lollypops all night long, we all go back to our f*cked up lives the next day....alone. But it doesn't have to be like that, not if we help each other. Celebrate Life was born out of the Los Angeles scene in 1998. We were having trouble with police breaking up all our events for any reason they could find. The truth is, they fear our generation and it's power and they were trying to shut us down. But see, we ain't goin' out like that. We (Holly Luv Cat and I) decided to protest. We formed a movement called Right to Dance (RTD) in 1996 and coordinated events on the lawn of the Federal Building in Los Angeles. The events were a huge success so we had them the next year as well. Then, in 1998, we changed the meaning and the name to Celebrate Life. We didn't want it to only be about dancing, but about positive awareness of all kinds. Yoga, Raw Foods, taking care of your body and spirit etc. We believe music is important, but it's the PEOPLE that it brings together that really matter. Music is just a tool for humans to gather. Dancing is where it begins and ends. It's the peek moment of many people working together towards one goal. It's a celebration. It's saying, "Look, we made it! We're here! All of us! We're alive! We've succeeded at becoming alive! Out of all those other sperm cells, WE were the ones strong enough to make it to the egg!" ...So get up and Celebrate Life!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
YES, only here once... :
Your musical influences
Daft Punk, Happy Mondays, The Farm, Fatboy Slim, my dad Led Zeppelin, Metalica, The Beatles, Enya, Meat Beat Manifesto, Front 242, Technotronic, Gino Latino, A Guy Called Gerald, Chemical Brothers, Eazy E, NWA, Too Short, The Cure, Hardfloor, The Postal Service, Pop Will Eat Itself. The list goes on for miles.
What equipment do you use?
access virus, se1, roland jv-2080, mpc 2000, cubase, roland dj-70 mk11, electrix filters vocoders, bla bla bla bla...
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