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im a solo aboriginal rap artist. bringin our music to the world
Aboriginal and proud, Antwon is at the forefront of the Australian hip hop scene. Raised by his mother with no father figure, music soon became the source of strength and the one constant in his life, which seemed to always be in transition. Growing up around poverty, violence and crime, it was only a matter of time before Antwon succumbed to the temptations of the streets, frequently running into trouble with the law. It was during one of his stints behind bars that he decided to combat his darkest thoughts and frustrations with his love of rap, writing lyrics to channel his energy in a more positive and productive way. After his lyrics had begun to give Antwon a cathartic insight into his own life, he dedicated his time to providing the young aboriginal community with a voice, as he felt that the majority of the established aboriginal artists had neglected to do so. Things had started to look up for the talented young rapper, until in early 2007 he received a phone call that would change his life. His beloved mother, who had been a great source of support and inspiration, had passed away; Antwon had hit rock bottom. Although his motherâs death had hit him hard, he was determined to once again to turn to hip hop in order to cope with his loss, giving him the opportunity to perfect his straight-talking lyrical style and signature relentless delivery. Armed with nothing but a mic and his hard-hitting flow, Antwon took the aboriginal hip hop scene by storm and in 2008 he was invited to perform at Payback Recordsâ Snoop Dogg after party in Melbourne. Word had begun to spread about the aboriginal artist, who was creating a buzz online and had started to gain recognition in the international hip hop community. This buzz then led to collaborations with Young Noble of Tha Outlawz, who appeared on the street anthem âKeep Pushing.â His highly-anticipated first official mixtape is scheduled for release in summer 2009. With the international hip hop community eagerly awaiting his next move, Antwon is certain to have an impact on not only the Australian but also the worldwide urban music industry. For more information about Antwon and his music or to hire him to perform at a party ( only in the mildura area ) email tonyantonio@live.com.au mobile phone 61449054104
Band/artist history
im a solo rap artst, i started rapen when i was about 9. me and the boys would bust some raps for fun when we was hanging out.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes i do, ive performed at the snoop dogg after party in melbourne 2008
Your musical influences
ONYX,,,,,,,,,K.R.S.1,,,,,,,,,N.W.A,,,,,,,,,,,,2PAC,,,,,,,,BIGGIE,,,,,,,,R.KELLY,,,,,,,,, K.C N JO JO
What equipment do you use?
U.S.B condenser mic and a computer
Anything else?
yeah id just like to say.. UNTILL ITS OVER LIVE LIKE A SOULJAH !!
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