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Music Made On Computers by Nerds Like You
SaviorSelf.07.05.98 is: MAV_SKY-1.exe / Mike Johns - Vocals & Programming DJ_Ray.exe / Ray Barnes - DJ, Sound Tech, & Vocals SaviorSelf.07.05.98 is an Electro/Rock Duo based out of the Youngstown, Ohio area, comprised of two self-described "music geeks" brought together by their similar musical tastes. With a musical style defined by bass-driven songs, electronic dance beats, and a heavy use of vocal distortion and effects, SS7598 specializes in the art of computerized rock 'n' roll.
Band/artist history
SS7598 is a project that began in 2007, when Mike Johns took it upon himself to compose and record music on his home computer. After a breif hiatus in early 2009 to sing for the ill-fated metal band, "Neverender", Mike returned to work on SS7598, adding a new member, Ray Barnes, and delving further into what has become the electro/rock sound that now defines SS7598.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
With the addition of DJ_Ray.exe, SaviorSelf.07.05.98 is now working on putting together a live show. More details will be made available as things develop.
Your musical influences
Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, The Beatles, Nine Inch Nails, Weezer, The Rentals, that dog., Phil Spector's "Wall of Sound", Moby, Ferry Corsten, Gorillaz, eels, Devo, Falco, Underworld, White Stripes, Reggie & The Full Effect, and all of those New Wave one hit wonders Mike listened to as a kid, that Ray has to remind him of ever now and then because Mike was too young to remember.
What equipment do you use?
Windows XP, M-Audio Session, Magix Music Maker, Audacity, Sony Vegas 6.0, Jester's MTV Music Generator, and whatever all DJ_Ray.exe uses.
Anything else?
Supreme Court says pornography is anything without artistic merit that causes sexual thoughts; that's their definition, essentially. No artistic merit, causes sexual thoughts. Hmm. . . . Sounds like . . . every commercial on television, doesn't it? - Bill Hicks Art is Dead. It's been dead this whole time. Bled dry by the likes of us, buying our freedoms one useless plastic disc at a time. Music lives on, corrupted, diseased by the hitmakers. The Motowns of yesteryear have mutated into the Sonys and Disneys of today, producing meaningless hit after meaningless hit, selling their wares to a helpless generation of blind, retarded rats whose parents raised them by television screens, hoping media morals matched the ones of their make-believe Messiah and his gay-bashing friends. If God is dead, and we killed him, then we repalced him with a picture of a half-naked Miley Cyrus sucking a popsicle that looks like a cock made of gold and belonging to a man 40 years her senior. He'd just fuck her in the ass, but that would be too obscene for the kiddies, wouldn't it? After all, it's okay to tell 12 year old girls that they should like cock (even if they'd rather kiss the girl next door), just so long as the schlongs that are being marketed to these girls are connected to boys who wear purity rings and pledged to save themselves for marriage. It's all pornography, and we're all buying. Lady GaGa... Kanye West... Britney wanting you to 'If You Seek Amy'... It's not that clever, and it's barely dressed. Disgusting displays of fornication the likes of which would scare the more pure of puritans, blasted on TVs and iPods, endorsed by corporations and the 'hip'. Parents attack the media, attack the arts. Can't tell one from the other because they themselves forgot. Blast on Manson because of his art, blame him for murders commited by children our society forgot. Hate is a weapon, hate I reserve, for the liars and the censors who decry my art. Remove my pictures, tell me what words I can and cannot say, call me a pervert for displaying artistic beauty on album covers I haven't even made yet. Light and shadow, natural displays. She isn't screaming 'fuck me', she's just satnding in the rain. Rain on my face and call it piss, but God knows it's shit if God even exists. And because of him I should be ashamed of the art I display, the songs I play, or even my band's name? What good is 'free will' if I'm to live in shame of making a choice and standing by its merit? Would it not be better to kill art for all? But that is what you've done, haven't you? Killed the expression of love and beauty for us all. Art. Pornography. There's no fucking difference. Why bother at all if I have no real value to you or the society in which I reflect? Forget me as you will, but time will remember my songs. Even if only a few of you ever pass them along. SaviorSelf.07.05.98
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